What You Need to Know About G Loomis NRX Spinning Rod

One thing that comes into our minds as we think of fishing is the fishing rod. Many use this as the main icon for the fishing activity. Well, this is understandable because the rod is the one that is responsible for casting, luring, and battling with the fish. Therefore, having a successful fishing journey will greatly depend on the type of fishing rod you have. 

Consider the sort of fishing you will be doing before selecting a rod. Will you be fishing in the sea or freshwater? Are you going to use live or artificial bait? Will you be casting a long distance or fishing from a boat? Such factors will help you narrow down your list of what rod to choose. 

If you are a starter that is looking for the best fishing rod out there in the market or even a veteran that wants to replace his or her current rod, then you might want to check out the G. Loomis NRX spinning rod. This rod offers good material, sensitivity, strength, and quality design. Like many of you, we are also excited to delve into the details and evaluate this rod. Keep on reading this article to know our reviews! 

A Quick Glance of G Loomis NRX Spinning Rod

G Loomis NRX Spinning Rod 

– Spiral X graphite construction
– Multi-Taper design
– Ultra-lite, ultra-strong recoil
– Fuji Titanium stripper guides

Why Should You Consider G Loomis NRX Spinning Rod?

G.Loomis NRX Jig & Worm Casting Rods

The one thing that appears to be the life saver of the individuals who adore fishing activity is the fishing rod. It is truly an astonishing component that works on basic mechanics to obtain a nice catching experience. 

The majority of inshore fishing is done on flats, in shallow bays near docks, or near mangroves, where it is difficult to deliver a bait to the fish and subsequently to the boat. Everything must be working in your favor. It concerns the tide and how it affects the flats, reeds, rocks, and mangroves. Therefore, a rod that is able to withstand such conditions is needed. An example of this is the G Loomis NRX Spinning Rod. Is this fishing rod already listed on your wishlists? Then continue to read below to understand more about this rod’s features. 


With their ultra-high end, hyper sensitive rod series, Loomis NRX rods raised the standard for technique specific bass fishing rods. Even the majority of bass fishermen believed that the standard and criteria of this rod could not be exceeded. Because of its lightweight, fast, and power spinning, this type of rod is ideal for beginners. Many beginners prefer a rod that offers a straightforward technique in order to get used to the basics of fishing. Moreover, this rod is not only popular with beginners but also for advanced anglers. What they most like about this rod is its durability and capability to withstand any conditions. 



The capacity of a rod to bear pressure is a factor closely connected to rod action. However, it may also be used as a guide for the size and power of the fish the rod was intended to fight. Most significantly, it primarily determines the range of lure sizes and line length the rod was meant to cast. Power is a crucial consideration when choosing a rod since a rod’s performance depends on how well it is matched to the line and lure it will be used with.

The  G Loomis NRX rod is made to withstand any conditions that you may experience during your fishing activity. Many users have not seen this rod break once! Using a triple-layer structure, this cutting-edge blank-building method securely winds the blank diagonally in opposing directions, increasing torsional stiffness without adding weight or bulk. The center layer of vertical fibers matches with the inner and outer layers of carbon tape. Due to its spiral X graphite construction-made material, it can be utilized in extreme weather conditions, aquatic vegetation, and with catches that are difficult to handle. 


In relation to the durability of this rod, its material also makes it lighter and more sensitive. Beginners tend to practice casting with lighter rods until they get used to it. However, many experienced anglers are already accustomed to casting hence they evaluate the rod’s weight to the type of fish they want to catch. The importance of the rod’s weight is due to its correlation with other factors, such as the weight of the line and lure, and its ability to influence the species of fish that may be caught successfully while fishing offshore.

This rod offers a multi-taper design that allows the angler to experience a lighter casting while still keeping it under control. The making of this rod utilizes more material on possible stress spots and less material elsewhere because of the multi-taper design technique. The idea behind developing this taper technology was to make it possible to tailor rods to different lengths, actions, and powers to meet practically every bass fishing strategy possible.


Sensitivity is essential in fishing underwater approaches that focus on bites and bottom structure. The fisherman may decide when to pick up the bait and move it by accurately sensing when the weight and bait maintain contact with the bottom. You won’t be able to precisely feel the bottom and maintain your bait close to it if your rod is not sensitive. The bait can frequently be promptly picked up and neglected by your catch. 

A lighter rod that is both sturdier and more sensitive results from the composition and wrapping processes. Usually, strength must be compromised to cater to the rod’s sensitivity. Fortunately, this rod offers both. Its features that have ultra-lite, ultra-strong recoil, and Fuji Titanium stripper guides make up for its fast recovery. The  G Loomis NRX rod will greatly change your opinion about what a sensitive rod should be! 


Rod length is a crucial factor that will impact a rod’s performance in every fishing application and the angler’s level of comfort. Rod length can have an impact on accuracy and range when casting. In general, a shorter rod makes throwing easier since it is more controllable and flexible. Because of this, a shorter rod could be a better option when longer casts are not required. But a longer rod gives the angler more force to cast the lure farther when they need to make longer casts, which is frequently the case in clear or shallow water.

Luckily, you would not need to worry about wanting a longer rod that still gives casting accuracy. The performance of this rod at greater distances is truly unmatched. At 60 feet, it’s one of the finest rods that many have ever used, and it’s also remarkably accurate. Even in windy circumstances, the rod blank’s stiffness at closer ranges supports a tremendously accurate long-distance cast. The NRX made carrying the line in the air simple, and it would be an excellent rod for western river bed fishing when a fisherman needed to precisely present a dry fly over great distances in windy circumstances.


After reaching this part, you would not be surprised by how this rod is loved by many anglers. For this is due to its capability to deliver great sensitivity, accuracy, longer distance, comfort, and even durability. Such features are highly necessary for both starters and prominent anglers that are looking for an all-in-one fishing rod. What more can you ask for this type of fishing rod? 


Despite the stated pros and overwhelming features of the G Loomis NRX rod, it still has room for improvements. Many users stated that they do not like the overall physical design of the rod. Although its function bears the heavier weight of evaluating the quality of a rod, its design also matters for many. Additionally, many beginners tend to feel the heaviness of the rod at first, which contrasts its features. However, according to many experienced anglers, the rod’s weight is considered light. 

Final Thoughts

Feeling excited to use G Loomis NRX spinning rod immediately? Then, we assure you that it will be worth your time and money. It offers an all-feature quality needed for a fishing rod, for both beginner and veteran anglers. This top-notch fishing rod is lightweight, incredibly sensitive, and provides the finest power to weight ratio. It will let you experience a light, serious, and comfortable fishing experience without worrying about your rod’s condition all day long. 

One more thing that one must be absolutely certain of is how to be patient with the performance of your fishing rod. Be sure that you maintain a state of calmness around so that your catch would not feel as if they are following your bait and trap.  

It takes some practice to understand how to select a fishing rod. There are many things to think about, particularly if this is your first time purchasing one. The best part is that by just understanding what you need your rod for, you can save yourself a lot of effort. Always remember that quality exceeds almost all features of a rod, along with evaluating what are the necessary fishing rod traits you need.

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