Best Rain Jacket for Fishing – Buying Guide and Review

In every outdoor activity, the weather is one of the things that we always take into account. We want to be always prepared to face every weather condition, especially that sometimes the weather can become unpredictable. To do this, we buy all the necessary tools and equipment that would keep us safe, warm, and comfortable in our activity.

Every angler finds it necessary to own a jacket that would give protection in cold and bad weather. Not only does a jacket keep one warm, but it can also make one more productive. However, we can’t buy just any jackets. We need to choose properly and make sure that the one we’re buying is of great quality and, at the same time, affordable – we need the best one for fishing. This article will review several of the top jacket and suits models to help you choose the best rain jacket for fishing. Also, this will guide you in identifying the important factors to consider when you’re trying to buy one.

Things to Consider in Buying a Rain Gear

Surely, before going on fishing activity, we’ve asked, “What should I wear for cold weather fishing?” And, of course, along with this is a question on what are the factors that you need to take into account as you’re choosing what you need to wear. Here are several things that you need to consider in your attempt to choose the best rain jacket for fishing:

Types of Weather Protection

The rain jacket you would be buying could either be waterproof or water-resistant. For waterproof jackets, they could be breathable or non-breathable. Here are the differences:

  • Waterproof/Breathable – waterproof rainwear can prevent rain from getting through to your skin. Now, what does it mean for a jacket to be breathable? It simply means that the jacket can transfer sweat vapor from inside to the outside of it, considering that the colder, drier air outside could attract the warm, moist air inside. This is best when you are very mobile, as it prevents your sweat from soaking you.
  • Waterproof/Nonbreathable – this works essentially the same as the most waterproof jacket. The only difference is that you could get soaked with sweat if you use this while doing some physical activity, as it does not move the sweat out. This is appropriate when you’re only sitting or standing. This is also cheaper than waterproof/breathable jackets.
  • Water-resistant – water-resistant raingear is breathable but can handle only light rain and only for a brief time, unlike the waterproof jackets.

Types of Weather Shells

Shells refer to the garment material used for a jacket or a poncho. This is worth noting since you need to consider that which could best match your needs and situation:

  • Insulated Shell – these types are usually seam-sealed and very waterproof. Their puffiness makes sure to keep you warm.

  • Hybrid Shell – this is a combination of soft shells or hard shells, making it among the most flexible type.

  • Hard Shell – this type is stiffer than soft shell jackets and are most waterproof gears. However, hard shells are not insulated.

  • Soft Shell – unlike hard shell raingear, this has an insulating layer and is water-resistant. While breathability is greater, it provides lesser protection from wind, cold, or rain compared to hard shells.

Features to Consider

  • Hood Design – usually, hoods contain brims and could be adjusted in the sides or in the back to be compatible with one’s head size. Some jackets have hoods that can be zipped off while other hoods can be stowed in the collar.
  • Zippers – this is an important part of every jacket. They are found in pockets, front openings, and even by the collar. You would want zippers that prevent water from seeping through it, so look for rubberized coatings or storm flaps. The tradeoff, however, is that coated or laminated zippers are difficult to zip.
  • Seam Taping – raingear requires fully taped seams, considering that jacket construction requires a lot of seams. Make sure that all of the seams are taped when buying a jacket and make sure that the construction is durable as well. However, full taped seaming is not an assurance that the jacket is durable, so this should also match with other factors that you need to consider.
  • Vents – although there are breathable jackets, you also need for extra vents, for strenuous activity would get you too perspired. Some rain jackets have pit zips or underarm vents while others have torso pockets with mesh liners that serve as additional vents.
  • Adjustment Features – some jackets have drawcords by the waist for adjustment and also to accommodate the size of the wearer. Aside from this, drawcords from the wrist may also be among the features of some jackets. These adjustments assure tight closer that would further protect you from rain and cold that could penetrate even the tiniest of the openings. If you want more ventilation, you could also easily loosen these adjustments.
  • Pockets – pockets are important for storage. Some jackets have plenty of them – which could be useful if you’re bringing a lot of tools – while some feature the common hand pockets. Nowadays, rain jackets have closed pockets with cord ports that would allow you to listen to music through your devices. Some pockets are made inaccessible for pickpockets. You would want to consider this if you’re concerned about your belongings getting robbed.
  • Packability – you don’t want a rain gear that’s very difficult to store and could add considerable weight to what you’re already carrying. Look for a packable and lightweight jacket that has all the necessary features.

Best Rain Gear for Fishing Reviews

Putting all these into consideration, you can now decide on what jacket to buy by checking these top fishing jackets that you can choose from:

This jacket is appropriate for rain and bad weather protection considering that it’s waterproof and breathable, meaning it could stand even heavy rain without you having to get wet and at the same time, preventing you from sweating inside. Also, considering its fit, it allows you to move a lot, which is useful for rigorous activities like chasing big game. It also has the useful features we always look for in a jacket like sealed seams and useful zippers. Secured and durable, this is also easy to adjust.

This jacket has a stretch wind/water skirt that has the ability to seal out moisture and cold air from below. It has five large pockets that are zippered, a front zipper that’s waterproof, adjustable hem with push-buttons, and neoprene cuffs that are adjustable as well.



This jacket is great when your activity requires too much movement as this is very stretchable yet very lightweight, making it easy to pack and carry around. Aside from being 100% waterproof, this is also 100% windproof, providing you enough protection from bad and cold weather. Its breathability could keep moisture out when you’re already sweating too much.

Waterproof for 10,000 mm and breathable for 5,000g shell. Features a three-piece articulated hood that you can conveniently remove when it’s not needed. Its cuff also features hinged lock-down closure to prevent water from penetrating. Collar utilizes a venting system.



This product is used to keep your legs warm during harsh weather. One important aspect of this is the comfort that it provides and its flexibility, allowing one to do several movements without having to feel any irritation. It can easily be secured in your legs and it has several important adjustment features like straps, coated zippers, and pockets.

The material of this jacket is DWR treated, waterproof at 20,000 mm, breathable at 20,000g/m2, and is comprised of three layers. t also features neoprene wrist seals, high volume pockets, internal waist adjustments, and adjustable hoods.



This jacket features a very simple design but is constructed with durability considering its neoprene material. This is made for great maneuverability and, of course, assurance that you will be protected from any bad weather or rain. The downside, however, is that this jacket features only a few pockets and lacks adjustability. Its hood may be adjusted though through drawcords. One great thing is that its seams are securely sealed including its zippers, preventing rain from getting through to your skin. Its waistband may also be adjusted and has two interior cord locks.

This jacket features glued, thermal taped, and blind-stitch seams to ensure protection. It is waterproof and at the same time windproof, featuring high-stretch materials like neoprene and contains positive buoyancy. This jacket is also layered up with base layers.



What’s remarkable about this jacket is its affordability. In this low price point, however, you are assured of the product’s longevity and quality. It features two chest pockets that could be really useful for storing some of your tools and items. Its hoods could also cover your head completely and you can actually adjust it to accommodate your head size. Aside from this flexibility, this jacket is also very comfortable to use and is lightweight, made for easy packing. To help get the moisture out, this jacket has a full-zip front closure, storm flap, and rain gutter.

This jacket is made out of 100% nylon. It employs DriPore 2 gen technology for its construction and design. Aside from its chest pockets and two more miscellaneous pockets, it has adjustable sleeve openings made of neoprene. This jacket features 2 front accessories D-rings as well.



This jacket is really best for traveling considering its lightweight material, its packability, and its breathability, allowing more movements. While this does not necessarily promise a more durable material, this jacket has a lot of useful features like its removable hood, its parka-cut, as well as its open-waist design. Also, the openings of the pants are easily adjustable. One downside, however, is that it features lesser pockets for storage.

These jacket and pants are made out of 100% polypropylene.

You can choose from around five colors and designs. Waterproof and bearable, it could keep water from sipping through and could let your perspiration out of the jacket.



Not only will this jacket keep you warm, dry, and protected, it would also allow you much storage. WindRider Pro Rain Jacket has two extra deep lower pockets with Velcro and other two zipper chest pockets where you can store most of your important belongings. It is high-collared with seams that are fully taped and storm flaps that are doubled. Its zippers are also fully sealed to make it secured. The adjustability of this jacket is also great with its inner cuffs that make sure water doesn’t run off your sleeve.

This jacket is made of polyester and you can choose between three colors. It is waterproof and breathable with its roll-a-way hood. Aside from the outer pockets, this jacket also features inner pockets for storage. WindRider Pro Jackets are designed in Minnesota.



This jacket is among the most affordable of all your possible options. Its Impertech fabric allows the jacket to be waterproof and promises some durability. Because its fabric material can easily be stretched, you can move a lot when using this. However, it only has limited front pockets, so it can’t really store a lot of things. Its cuffs can also be adjusted through Velcro.

Helly Hansen Workwear is made out of polyester with its stretch polyurethane coating. This type of jacket is a bloodborne pathogen tester, with seam construction that’s made durable and secured by MicroWeld. Its hood can be tucked in the jacket’s collar as well.




There are surely a couple of things that you need to consider when you’re choosing the right rain gear for you. Taking all these into account, you also need to consider how much would it cost you. All it takes is a balance between price and quality. With all the factors that you need to consider stated above, you can now decide on what brand of jacket you are buying given the options provided for you. Look for what will give you much of the comfort and protection that you need in your outdoor activity.


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