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Best Fishing Rod And Reel Combo For Catfish – Top Models Reviewed

fishing rod and reel combo for catfish

Whether you are doing it for leisure or for the money, fishing is a remarkably enjoyable yet challenging outdoor activity. But this does not only require skill and the right fishing spot; it also necessitates the appropriate and quality pieces of essential equipment. One of these essentials – and perhaps among the most important – are fishing rods.

You do not just choose whatever fishing rod. Each works differently and is suited for different situations and contexts. The type of fishing you desire to catch is one of those that matters most when you’re deciding on what fishing rod to choose. Catfish rods are among the most sought after. With this, you need to know several things to look for when choosing catfish rods. Among the things that you need to check are the ball bearings of the reel, the handle, and the sensitivity of the reel. Of course, you would also like to consider the price of the rod you are buying; you do not want to spend a lot for a casting rod that is of low quality.

In catfish fishing, the fish you are catching may be located in shallow and muddy waters, that is why you would want to have a six to a seven-foot spinning rod that should be abrasion-resistant. Because catfish are quick, it requires not only your skill but a sensitive casting rod.

The 8 Best Rod And Reel For Catfishing Reviews

In this review, you will know several catfish rods that will make your fishing more remarkable and effective. With these many choices, you will be able to select the best which you think fits for you.

If you’re a catfish angler, this fishing rod is great for you. It features high-durability components and immensely strong power. Its rod blanks are E-glass, making it a powerful and durable tool you can use for your fishing. It also has an EVA fore grip that makes the handle comfortable to use even when you’re sweating or when you’re hands are all wet. Its guides are made of stainless steel and are double foot welded, along with a hook keeper – also made of stainless steel – that is heavy-duty.

This is a two-piece rod that has a sensitive tip and can be easily transported, with a casting weight of 1 to 8-ounces and fifteen to a sixteen-pound line, meaning it could handle large fish with ease, even those that are over 50 lbs.



Reviews about this product include anglers saying this casting rod is very effective in catching huge fish of heavy-weight, especially when paired with quality reels. Its weight makes the rod sturdy but at the same time makes it difficult to transport especially when anglers move from one spot to another.

This fishing cat is specially engineered and crafted for catfish angling. It’s seven feet long and features two stainless ball bearings. What makes this rod easy to use is its drag system – a Carbon Matrix – that could give you consistent, smooth, and flawless drag. The casting of this catfish rod is also made exceptional by its brake. It has a four-pin centrifugal brake, applying consistent pressure that makes the casting even more precise.

Its classic black color makes this tool more enjoyable to use. With its comfortable handle and light-weight, you can use carry this around effortlessly and could use this with comfort and ease even if your hands are wet or your hands are sweaty.



Those who have tried this casting rod commended the ease of transporting the rod from one place to another because of its light-weight. The brake system also helped them control the casting more effectively and more smoothly. However, there are comments about the package being damaged upon arrival of the product.

This eight-inch casting rod features six lengths to catch different species anglers encounter daily. It is light-weight and has blank and heavy stainless steel guides with fast tips that you as an angler would really love, as you could easily transport this anywhere and your casting would be smoother with its guides and bearings.

If you want great balance when catching big fishes, this casting rod is what you’re looking for, as it has an EVA split grip handle.

Setting hooks for this casting rod are also powerful. For comfort, it features an under-arm fit while you’re fishing. Its glow tips make bites detected even during the night.



This rod, according to anglers who have tried it, is very easy and extremely comfortable to handle. Not only can it carry fish that weighs heavily, but it is also durable and could last long because of its sturdy material. However, without a bait clicker, the rod could not immediately detect bites of small fish.

If you want an accurate catch, the eagle claw casting rod would be great for you. It provides all your casting need with its rod that could bear lightweight or heavy fishes. This two-piece rod is eight inches in length, with seven guides that could make your outdoor adventure more remarkable. It also has EVA foam for its handle, making it comfortable to use even after a long time.

Its material is fiberglass, meaning it could last long and is not very costly while maintaining its durability most anglers want for their tools.



Reviews about this product include its affordability and its durability. Because it is made of fiberglass, it’s more durable than other casting rods. Its handle is also very comfortable even when used with wet or sweaty hands. One downside though is the possibility that the product has some manufacturing defects.  

This seven-inch tool is composed of tough graphite and has a Clear Tip design. Featuring a comfortable handle, this fishing rod is great for catching big fishes. It is well-balanced, stout, and sensitive to lots of backbones.

This rod is best for catfishing because of its solid and durable material according to those who have tried using it. 

They also expressed that it works well even when you’re catching large fish. Sensitive, it could detect bites of most fish, but you just need to jam them together so that the two-piece rod could fit tightly.



What is great about Ready 2 Fish Rod is that includes a waterproof kit plus a How-To fish guide that is tear-resistant. This is great for those anglers who have just started fishing, as its complete and original combo fishing system gives all the essentials for those who are not as experienced as other professional anglers yet.

Because of the color-coded ETS closure that comes with it, it is very easy to keep track and transport this combo. 

It is also durable and has great casting, lightweight enough for easy carrying, and could help you get great catch even during your first days of fishing!



Beginners really loved this product because of the kit that comes along with it. It made their catfishing even more remarkable because they are guided on the basics of fishing. It is easy to use, comfortable, and easy to transport. One downside for them, however, is the difficulty of catching heavy fish because of the casting rod’s load capacity.

This seven-inch fish rod has one-piece guides made of stainless steel and clear tip design. Featuring two ball bearings, it has twenty size line counter reels that feature a pair of ball bearings.

What makes it even greater is the bait clicker you can easily turn on or off. This could also bear heavy fish, meaning you don’t have to worry about the size of the fish you are catching!



The quality of the product is remarkably great for some, as it is durable when used and has a great tip design that makes their casting more accurate. They recommend it to those who want to catch huge fish but don’t want to spend a lot of money on a fishing rod. However, some considered the length too short for casting. Some also have issues with the manufacturing quality of the product.

Although having the same length as the other Ugly Stik casting rod, this two-piece rod is made for durability and comfort. It is easy to carry around because it is lightweight, but it could endure a large catch! It has fifty size line counter reels, which is a larger number than the other Ugly Stik rod.



Like the previous product, a number of reviewers recommended this casting rod for those who want to catch large fish. They said that this product is durable and could last longer. The comfort that the handle provides is something that anglers also commended. They find the two-piece rod more helpful than the one-piece rod.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of things to consider in finding what’s the best rod and reel for catfishing. You need to examine the ball bearings, the durability of the rod, its load capacity, the comfort that the handle gives, its weight. Choosing the correct rod is also a vital part of your fishing adventure because without a quality one, catching your desired fish would be very difficult. In this review, the eight choices of casting rod give you many options to decide from among the best tools for fishing. Weigh the pros and cons of each product, and decide which product you would be most comfortable with and which would fit your interest the best.

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