Best Boat Covers for the Money – Buying Guide and Review

Taking care of your boat means making sure it is constantly protected. Even the most durable of all boats need maintenance, especially when they are occasionally exposed in the sun, therefore affecting their paint and, more than their appearance, their efficiency. One of the things to help you achieve this protection is boat covers.

Boat covers vary, and there are a lot of options out there. One thing is sure, however: you need to know how to choose the best boat covers for the money. You do not want to waste your money buying that which is not compatible with your boat or that with disappointing quality. This article would help you identify the things to consider in buying the best boat cover for outdoor storage. Also, you will be presented with the top ten of those who make the best boat covers to give you several options, along with our comparisons and reviews on them.

Things to Consider in Buying the Best Boat Cover for Outdoor Storage

This would be your guide in choosing which boat cover would best fit your need. By examining the important aspects of a boat cover, you will know which would and would not work for you.

Here are several factors to consider:

  • Size – obviously, you need to match the size of your boat cover and your boat. You do not want the boat cover to be too small, for it would not be enough to protect your boat entirely. However, you also do not want to buy that which is too large, for it would be very difficult to secure it well onto your boat. Before making the purchase, measure your boat properly, and check the measurements.
  • Accessories – boat covers oftentimes come with different accessories you can choose from. Extra accessories usually add up to the amount you need to pay for the boat cover, but they also have their benefits. One of the important accessories is a storage bag where you can place your boat covers when you are not using it to prevent any damages. Extra straps are also helpful accessories in making sure that the cover is secured well onto the boat. Finally, you might want to look for a supporting pole for it allows you to place the cover onto your boat without having to be bothered by the possibility of water pooling in the cover.
  • Vents – you need to look for boat covers with appropriate vents. Without the vents, you are most likely to cover your boat while it still has moisture on it. This would allow molds to cover on your boat surface. You want to avoid this from happening. It would be harder to clean when boats have molds.
  • Wind Problems – you don’t want your boat cover to be easily blown by the wind, so you would want that which has a lot of straps that you could securely latch on your boat without having to worry about your boat not being sealed enough.
  • Method of Attachment – covers are attached to the boat using different methods. While some use buckles, others use straps. You would want to buy quick-release buckles and easily adjustable straps.
  • Warranty – some boat covers come with a warranty. This would assure you that in case something happens to the cover within a particular year period, you can ask for repair or replacement.

Best Boat Covers Reviews

Knowing the factors to consider in choosing a boat cover is an important part of buying one. Moreover, you need to know what options you have in the market to really identify which would work for you best.

So here are the best boat covers for the money that you can choose from:

This boat cover is not only durable but is also “rot-proof” and susceptible to any UV damage. Its PU undercoating could protect your boat from any weather – including rain or snow. This also makes sure that your boat is free from dirt.

With its rear air vents, you would expect that it would prevent moistures in your boat. It features buckles and straps you can easily latch onto your boat, with elastic cords allowing it to perfectly fit your boat. This is great, as it keeps the cover in place. This comes with a free storage bag.

The material is made up of tough polyester fabric to ensure durability. It could cover 17 to 19 feet in length. This features interlocking double stitch seams.



This boat cover is nice as it does not easily stretch or shrink. Its fabric is coated to ensure that it is resistant to UV rays, to rain, or snow. Its support pole could prevent water from pooling inside of the boat. Air vents and built-in stiffeners make sure that moisture escapes from the boat.

Although quite more expensive than other boat covers, this comes with a couple of useful accessories like a storage bag, adjustable straps, and quick-release buckles.

Made out of 100% polyester, this could fit boats with sizes of 17’ – 19’ length and 102” width either with or without the windshield. This is also cut to make sure that accessories like running lights or bow rails could still fit in the boat.



Its water-resistant and durable polyester material really keeps the boat from any dirt and could protect it from any weather. It features an elastic hem cord with trailering straps to make sure that it is kept in place. This is very flexible as it can be compatible with several boat sizes even with or without windshields and even V-hull fishing boats.

This comes with a storage bag and adjustable straps to complete the set. 100% polyester material. 

Could fit boat models of different sizes: from 12-14 ft length x 68 in width up to 17-19 ft length x 106 inches width. Accessories include a storage bag, tie-down straps, and a four-year warranty.



This DryGuard boat cover lives up to its promise of durability because of its tear-resistant DryGuard fabric material. Elegant in color and design, this boat cover could fit your boat with its elastic cords and straps. To make sure that it protects your boat fully, it features taped seams to prevent water from entering through the stitching. Air vents also protect the boat from unnecessary moisture. You can also store accessories like bow rails and running lights because of the material’s full cut.

This boat cover could fit most of the boats with 20’ – 22’ length x 106” width. Great even for those boats with or without windshields. Also works for v-hull, outboards, and others. Comes with tie-down straps, a storage bag, and a four-year warranty.



Made out of denier polyester, this could surely protect your boat from any UV-rays. It also has its admirable longevity, as its material is durable and does not easily tear. Really does a great job of keeping the water out, preventing any pooling. Its “breathable” fabric really does prevent moisture in the boat. It comes with a free mesh storage bag.

Gray in color, this boat cover could feet 20 feet – 22 feet length boats. 

This may be compatible with most types of boats including V-hull runabouts, bass boats, fishing and skiing boats, and the like. Features include QuickSnap straps, shock cord hem, and storage bag.



This elegant gray boat cover offers marine grade protection to make sure that your boat is kept from any dirt or water. Crafted to prevent condensation build-up, this boat cover features a durable and breathable fabric material to also reduce dust, moisture, and mold. Its hem is also elasticized to make sure that it fits the boat perfectly.

To properly secure it onto the boat, it comes with a heavy shock cord hem, with sewn-in straps that would be useful for trailering.

Models could fit 16’ long to 26’ long boats, with beams that could reach up to 106”. Comes with straps and buckles, full elastic hem, and taped seams. Made out of 600 denier polyester material.



The polyurethane fabric coating that this cover feature assures for maximum durability and longevity. If you desire to store your boat, you would need this cover, as it effectively protects it from dust. Its breathable fabric also prevents moisture from forming.

To make sure that this fits in tightly, the cover features double-stitched seams. Comes with straps and a storage bag.

This boat cover is gray in color and could fit boats with lengths 14 feet to 28 feet. Made of polyester fabric.



This boat cover has a double PU coating, which assures its durability. You could use this when you’re storing your boat or putting it for highway travel, without having to worry that it’s going to tear or the paint would be destroyed by the sunlight. Water-resistant and UV-resistant, it has useful straps that keep it in place to make sure that boat is covered properly.

With models that could fit 16 feet to 24 feet length boats. Made of polyester material. Comes with a one-year warranty.



This is made of blended materials to make sure that the fabric is durable enough to protect your boat but breathable enough to prevent moisture. What’s great if you also have several color choices to fit your desire. It has notable tolerability and features added layers to ensure protection. Could cover most boat sizes. This comes with a five-year warranty.

Could fit into 18 feet to 20 feet length boats. Made of polyester material and comes with accessories such as straps and elastic cords for latching.



This durable boat cover is specifically made for fish skis to ensure that it would fit your boat perfectly. For a really snug fit, this features elastic sides. This is even thicker than most boat covers sold commercially. Breathable fabric keeps moisture out.

Tailored for fish skis of up to 22 ft long. Comes with a five-year warranty.



Final Thoughts

Now that you have several options for the best boat covers for the money, perhaps you could figure out which would work best for you. Look for those that meet the factors to consider in buying a boat, those that you can surely afford but at the same time give you the quality and longevity you are looking for – all for the protection of your boat.


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