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Hey, my name is Andrew Wilson, a fishing enthusiast and proud founder of the Fishing Tackle Hub (FTH) site. I’ve been fishing with my favorite kayak for many years. I created this site to share my experience and research with those who love fishing and want to take their fishing experience to the next level.

When I was a newbie and starting out, I stumbled upon with such big variety of fishing gears and accessories available on the market, and for someone that doesn’t know much about features and performance, it is difficult to find the perfect one that suits your needs. So decided to create the FTH site to help my fellow fishing enthusiast by providing comprehensive information and reviews of fishing kayaks, gears & accessories, and other related fishing resources.

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Andrew Wilson

About Fishing Tackle Hub

The FTH Mission

FTH is your exclusive online source for fishing products in-depth reviews and beginner’s guide all dedicated to our reader’s needs. As a beginner, that don’t have enough time to do research, we tend to buy loads of products that don’t suit our needs. FTH’s mission is to help our readers get all the comprehensive materials and guides before making a purchase and hit the water and get the most out of the best fishing experience.

We Need Your Suggestions

FTH always wanted to make sure we give real and authentic information to our readers. Suggestions on how we can improve and meet your expectations are highly welcome and appreciated. If you have any questions or suggestions, or a specific piece of equipment you would like reviewing, get in touch and we’ll do the best we can to help.


The Fishing Tackle Hub is your online resource for fishing guides & product reviews.

Whether you need a new rod or reel or tips to start your fishing hobbies or how to use your fish finder, we’re here to give you inspiration, resources, and community.

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