Choosing the Best Spinning Rod Under 100 Dollars – Buying Guide & Review

Best Spinning Rod Under 100 Dollars

Selecting the best spinning rod is one of the most important things an angler needs to do before fishing. However, the number of spinning rod options can get very overwhelming, and you cannot just choose any spinning rod without keeping in mind several things that you must consider in buying. You might end up getting a Bass rod when you really want to catch some Marlin when fishing. This article will help you choose the best spinning rod under 100. By providing you with our top picks and by answering some frequently asked questions, we also guide you in buying your next spinning rod before you go to your fishing activity.

Things to Consider in Selecting the Best Spinning Rod under 100

Now, how exactly do you know what’s the best spinning rod under 100 that works for you? Here are several things to consider.

The Right Spinning Rod Length

There are various spinning rod lengths. Typically, it can range from 4 feet to 14 feet, depending on how far you want to cast which is also influenced by the type of fish you wish to catch. You may go for a shorter fishing rod or a longer fishing rod, and each has its own trade-off.

If you choose a longer fishing rod, you can cast far distances. However, longer fishing rods are also difficult to control. While shorter fishing rods are easier to maneuver, the distance of your casting will be reduced. What are the correct conditions to consider in choosing between a shorter and a longer fishing rod?

Wading topwater walking lures would require you a longer fishing rod, which is not less than 8 feet. Due to its length, it might be difficult to swing fishing rods of these lengths, but you can surely get used to it after repeated usage. If you’re fishing from a kayak, however, you can choose a shorter rod because you do not need to cast too far. Plus, shorter rods can be handled easily and most of the time, more powerful.

For beginning fishing enthusiasts, it is recommended to use a 7-foot fishing rod as it is more flexible.

The Right Spinning Rod Material

There are three common types of spinning rod material for fishing: fiberglass, graphite, or a mix of these two materials (also called composite). Each type has its advantages and disadvantages.

Fiberglass. This is perhaps among the oldest materials used in fishing. They are also generally the most durable and are relatively less expensive compared to other fishing rod materials. This is why this type of spinning rod can be a good choice for beginning anglers. One disadvantage, however, is the feedback that this material provides. It may not be very sensitive to lighter bites, so if you’re not very observant, you may not be able to detect some bites. Its durability is also traded off by its weight. Because it is heavier, it might strain your arms after prolonged use.

Graphite. This material for the fishing rod is lighter than fiberglass. This means it does not give your arm too much strain after longer use. Because of its lightweight material, it is also more sensitive to bites compared to fishing rods made of fiberglass. What the fiberglass material has that the graphite material lacks is durability. It may be more brittle than fiberglass materials, so casting much larger fish can be a challenge using a fishing rod with this material.

Composite. If you’re looking for a balance between weight and sensitivity, then a composite rod – a combination of both graphite and fiberglass – is what you need. This is most useful when the location where you’re fishing varies because this material is very versatile among others. The drawback though is that it might be relatively more expensive than other materials.

The Right Spinning Rod Action

Spinning rod action refers to where your fishing rod bends. Consequently, it controls the speed at which the bent goes back to its original position. There are three spinning rod actions: slow, medium, and fast.

Slow Action. Slow action bends on the side of the rod near the handle. What matches slow action fishing rods are small lures for good casting.

Medium Action. Medium action bends in the middle. It’s the most versatile and would work best when used with multiple hook set-ups.

Fast Action. Fast action fishing rod bends near the tip. It is the most sensitive among all rod actions, detecting even the slightest bit.

The Right Spinning Rod Power

A fishing rod’s power is its capability of withstanding pressure. The weight of the rod is directly proportional to the size of the fish it can catch, that is, heavier rods are for larger fish and lighter rods for smaller ones. The rod power also dictates the type of line you must use heavier lines for heavy rods and lighter lines for lighter rods. 

There are typically six types of rod power: ultra-heavy, medium-heavy, heavy, ultra-light, medium light, light powers. Choosing in this spectrum depends on the fish you want to catch.

Top 10 Best Spinning Rods under 100

Here now are our top pics for the best spinning rod under 100. Knowing the things to consider in buying the best spinning rod, you can choose from among these options on which works best for you:

The Ugly Stik® brand has been highly popular for manufacturing the best spinning rod under 100, but it continues to present innovation to their fishing rods with the Ugly Stik® Elite series that is truly a great value for your money.

This type of fishing rod offers 35% added graphite into it for lighter weight and increased sensitivity while still retaining the durability you want for your spinning rod.

Among the product’s features is the Ugly Stik® Clear Tip® design giving you that extra strength and sensitivity you need when you set out in the water to go fishing. This will be huge support especially among newbies in fishing out there.

That is not all that you get from this excellent spinning rod under 100. It has premium cork handles, Ugly Tuff™ one-piece stainless steel guides that provide extreme durability, as well as it removes insert pop-outs.

Overall, this is an all-around spinning rod that would easily handle fishing a number of speckled trout, redfish, or mangrove snapper with ease.



Among fishing communities, KastKing is a well-known brand of how they balance affordability and classy feel, and you can say that their products are among the best spinning rod under 100 in the market today.

You could be fishing for hours without experiencing fatigue or straining your arms for the KastKing Perigee II Fishing Rod is among the lightest spinning rods under 100 you will find in the market.

It features high-quality carbon fiber blank, constructed with Toray 24-ton carbon matrix KastFlex technology blanks providing you with the power, strength, durability, and accuracy you are looking for in a spinning rod.

Fishing enthusiasts also love the attention to details made by the manufacturer in this spinning rod under 100 with the quality of the components on it such as the world-renowned Fuji O-Ring line guides, high-density EVA grips, and tuned ergonomic graphite strong reel seats. It also contains a sensitive finish carbon fiber, Saf-T-Keeper hook holder, and excellent design.

The smooth transition of power throughout the fishing rod blank in this product is also possible with the help of the KastKing PTS (Power Transition System) spigot joints.



You cannot go wrong with this spinning rod under 100, manufactured by Shakespeare if you just want to try and enjoy ultra-light fishing on your next fishing trip.

Rods under the Shakespeare® Micro Series, are best in fishing with lighter lines and baits, having different types of lengths and actions to fit any species of fishes.

Made to be reliable with its durability, the Shakespeare Micro Spinning Rod is equipment for old and new fishing enthusiasts. It has graphite composite rods with perfect light and ultralight actions tested to be easy to use but still provides high-quality fishing.

It also features a stainless steel guide with stainless steel inserts, full cork handles, and a conventional reel seat with cushioned hoods.

You will also definitely appreciate the attractiveness of this spinning rod. Its blank is not glossy which is good in preventing fishes from spooking and the line guides are also sleek.

Matched with a quality reel, this spinning rod under 100 will surely improve your fishing experience, perfect for fishing small wild trout.



You definitely want to place this spinning rod under 100 by Okuma® in your fishing arsenal. It easily landed as one of the best spinning rods under 100 for its reputation in handling beatings even after several fishing trips.

A combination of durability and strength, this 41.5 oz. spinning rod, which is part of the Tundra series, would be best for surf fishing enthusiasts who want to experience high-performance fishing. 

Okuma really knows how to make great medium-heavy action spinning rods like this product. You want to have this type of spinning rod when fishing tuna, sailfish, trout, or salmon.

This model features a durable glass fiber rod blank for increased durability in the spinning rod. This spinning rod also comes with double footed guides.

The manufacturer also provides a heavy-duty reel that is already a great value given its price.

This spinning rod delivers for hours of fishing without causing strain because of the comfort given by the fore and rear grips made of EVA foams. It also has a sturdy rubber butt cap.



If you are looking for the best spinning rod under 100 with a perfect combination of excellent design and performance in fishing, this spinning rod by Fiblink has you covered. 

One of the main features of this spinning rod is its solid carbon fiber construction. That means you can expect high durability from this rod as well as increased sensitivity to it. And because it is made from graphite, this spinning rod can last for a long time without having corrosion. 

Despite its low cost, this spinning rod under 100 is also built for high performance in fishing with its guide that is stainless steel varied with ceramic which prevents your fishing line from getting stuck in the guides, and minimizing friction for smoother, longer cast.

When your fishing turns rough, you can trust that your spinning rod would not slip with the product’s non-slip rubber shrink tube handle with a tapered rear grip.

The 10-feet spinning rod weighing 13.83oz has two pieces in 5’ length, providing medium-heavy power ratings; while the 12-feet spinning rod weighing 17.85oz has two 6’ pieces, providing heavy power ratings. 

This spinning rod has a strong action blank that has the power to handle fish in a surf rod and bait fishing duties in a long-distance casting.



You can still go fishing using high-performance, dependable yet affordable spinning rods, and products made by Cadence are some of the best spinning rods under 100 you can find.

Cadence CR5 fishing rods are made of a 30-ton carbon matrix graphite blank. You will find that this product has maximum durability, yet still lightweight and more sensitive compared to other spinning rods.

You can also choose between the two handle configurations of this spinning rod: carbon split grip or full grip with the use of a cork or EVA.

It is also smoother and durable because of its stainless steel guides.

Enjoy your fishing trip using this spinning rod under 100 wherever you want for you do not have to worry about the hassle of traveling. In spite of having its unique 2-piece design, it is specifically made to be easily fit in a car, trunk, or boat.

This fishing rod under 100 is perfect for fishing freshwater species like bass and trout as well as inshore species such as redfish and flounder.



St Croix offers one of the best spinning rods under 100 that you can get the next time you hit your fishing spot.

As expected from the spinning rods made by St Croix, their Triumph spinning rods are made of premium quality SCII carbon which is a popular material in providing that durability, sensitivity, and lightweight feel that can handle any situation in fishing without the high cost. 

This is ideal for fishing enthusiasts or professional fishing enthusiasts who want to get that high performance in their spinning rods without hurting their wallets.

Even when fishing gets tough, there is no need for you to worry that your spinning rod would slip with the product’s premium cork handle. This will keep you having a strong grip on your spinning rod.

Other features of St Croix Triumph Spinning Rods are its slim aluminum-oxide guides. This also includes black frames on it.

Their models have reel seats that have eco-friendly sandblasted hoods on it, too!



For decades, Shimano is known for its focus on precision engineering in their spinning rods under 100 and their Solara series fishing rods are specifically designed to be an ideal fishing tool for new anglers who want to try out fishing as their new recreational activity. If you are looking for one of the best spinning rods under 100 today, you may want to try this product.

This product is built with Shimano’s Aero glass construction. This means that the spinning rod is lighter compared to other fishing rods, and much more responsive than the traditional glass material perfect for various fishing situations.

It also features a graphite reel seat that would make the weight of this spinning rod lighter.

And because of its components, their models offer to have medium power and fast action during fishing.

The manufacturer of this spinning rod under 100 also did not miss the comfort you want on your fishing rod’s grip. This spinning rod comes with P-Cork grips for comfort during hours of fishing trips.



Take one of the Fenwick Eagle fishing rod series next to your fishing trip for it is definitely one of the best spinning rods under 100 in the market.

The proven Classic Fenwick Actions is featured in this spinning rod feature, ideal in targeting almost any species of fishes. 

This spinning rod comes with premium cork and TAC grips that provide you comfort for long hours of fishing and tough conditions in fishing.

For this model of the spinning rod, it includes an upgraded stainless steel guide along with aluminum oxide inserts. You can expect increased casting performance, all while experiencing less friction in this spinning rod.

This spinning rod under 100 also features a minimal reel seat that transfers even the lightest bite during fishing.



The performance of your fishing tools does not have to be compromised by your low budget. You may want to check out this spinning rod made by Entsport, which is considered to be one of the best spinning rods under 100 you’ll find with its combination of quality and craftsmanship.

This two-piece spinning rod is specifically engineered to be highly sensitive that would immediately transmit vibrations even from the lightest bite from a fish. 

An added comfort during your fishing is the EVA handles of this spinning rod. It greatly decreases weight and more comfort.  

In spite of the fishing rod’s lightweight, you can still expect increased strength in it during the actual fishing.

To resist corrosion, this spinning rod has stainless steel guides and inserts. 

You will have great value in buying this spinning rod as it has a multi-purpose hook holder, as well as a hook keeper, which is good for your fishing adventure.



Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to some of the frequently asked questions about the spinning rod.

The spinning rod is a flexible and lightweight fishing tool using a spinning reel.

A spinning rod and a casting rod are both similar when it comes to its variety of length, level of strength, and flexibility that an angler wants and needs in fishing. The only difference between the two is the type of reel you attach to the fishing rod and the reel seat and guides. 

A spinning rod requires a spinning reel with a revolving bail to wind the fishing line. The spinning reel allows longer casts and casting lightweight baits. Meanwhile, a casting rod uses a baitcasting reel that has more power compared to a spinning reel and allows more precise casting during fishing.

Fishing enthusiasts or professional anglers prefer to use spinning rods when they want to cast lightweight lures. This type of fishing rod is ideal for using different kinds of baits like worms or poppers.

You will also notice that there is no resistance when casting a line because of how the fishing rod’s spinning reel works. This will enable you to make extraordinarily long casts. That is why this spinning rod is often chosen by fishing enthusiasts who love bait fishing.

Graphite, also called carbon fiber, has gained popularity through the years as a material for manufacturing fishing rods for its property of both strength and stiffness. It also has great sensitivity.

Meanwhile, rods made from fiberglass lack sensitivity compared to a graphite rod. But if you are tight on a budget, you may want to start on a fiberglass rod which is significantly cheaper.

Due to its properties, you do not want to use spinning when you set out in the water to catch large species of fish. Compared to a baitcasting rig, this would not give you all the strength you need in battling out with a stronger, bigger fish.

Using a spinning rod is also a big advantage during windy days. When your lure is on the light side, you will find that casting into the wind is more efficient with a spinning rod.

Yes! Remember that a spinning rod uses a spinning reel? Most of its reel allows you to swap its handle between the left and right sides depending on your needs. This is the downside when it comes to baitcasters because you have to specifically purchase a left-hand model or a right-hand model. It does not allow its reel handles to swap sides.

When you find yourself in a tug of war with a fish in one of your fishing trips, you can simply do a full-range adjustment with your rod’s drag.

Often overlooked, a rod’s length in fact has a huge impact on your fishing.

(a)  Shorter fishing rods are fit for more accurate casts as it is more manageable and require less energy

(b) Of course, long fishing rods make long-distance casting possible. By increasing your casting distance, you are also sacrificing accuracy in fishing. On the other hand, long-distance casting will prevent you from spooking the fishes and swim away from you. 

(c)  Varying from every angler, the length of a fishing rod affects the comfort you feel when fishing. Tall anglers often choose longer fishing rods than a short one. The same goes for shorter fishing enthusiasts. Just remember to be honest with yourself and choose a fishing rod according to your preference.

Shorter and lighter fishing rods have less leverage than longer, heavier fishing rods, which is crucial on a hook-set. A shorter rod moves less line slower compared to a longer fishing rod. Other anglers noted that keeping tension on a hooked fish is more essential than hook penetration, and this is when long fishing rods are often best.

After using, wash the fishing rod using freshwater. Also do not forget to wash the grips. To prevent corrosion, you can use light reel grease on the fishing rod guides. You may also service your reel at least once a year or depending on how often you use your fishing tool to keep it performing smoothly.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right spinning rod for you may be challenging, and even more challenging is choosing the best spinning rod under 100 dollars. This is however made easy by knowing the things to consider in buying a fishing rod and if you’re given options on the best spinning rod. It’s a matter of balancing price and quality, and with the options that this article has provided, you can surely make that the right choice!

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