Humminbird Helix 7 G3 Review: Why is it Popular in the Market?

Having a good strategy and timing in catching a fish are important aspects of being a fisherman. However, this might be difficult for you because your prey knows the waters more than you do. With this, gaining information about your fishing environment is an important task. 

If you are thinking of the device fish finder as the tool to attain this skill, then you are correct! 

A fish finder detects the location of the fish and provides additional information about the water depth, the distribution of the fish, and seabed conditions. Such devices became fishermen’s best friends in catching their prey unaware. 

Continue reading below to know the key features of a fish finder that you should not miss out in the market. 

A Quick Glance of Humminbird Helix 7 Fish Finder

Humminbird HELIX 7 CHIRP MSI GPS G3 Fish Finder
– HD 7 inches display
– Dual Spectrum CHIRP and MEGA Imaging 
– Internal GPS and Basemap
– Access to Anglers Charts 
– Inclusion of Transducer

About the Humminbird Helix 7 Fish Finder

The Humminbird Helix 7 fish finder detects and navigates underwater prey with the use of SONAR (Sound Navigation Ranging)  technology. This product is popular with consumer-level anglers who want high-quality and all-in-one features. 

Compared to the 5 series, the technology offers fishermen brighter, clearer, faster, and larger visuals. The Helix 7 is suitable for usage in both fresh and saltwater at depths between 150 and 1,500 feet. All fishermen, whether you have expertise using the gadgets or you are a complete newcomer to the idea, may utilize the user-friendly, clearly designated buttons and straightforward instructions. 

With down and side imaging scanning sonar, GPS and chart plotter capabilities, and CHIRP technology, the HELIX 7 CHIRP MSI GPS G3 is one of the most feature-rich fish finders on the market. This device will  doubtlessly assist you in discovering and capture more fish in a familiar or new environment. 


HD 7-inches Screen

The screen size also dictates the versatile use of a fish finder device. This product offers a larger display which is proficient for providing easy readings and screen viewing. The information is more visible and is capable of doing split screens which is necessary for professional anglers. 

This has a high resolution containing  800 x 480 pixels that makes navigation and a clear view of fish, vegetation, and other environmental information during fishing. The LED backlight is a great feature, making the screen clearer and helping to adjust for anglers during daylight fishing. Also, the screen uses fiberglass material, so you would not need to worry about getting water into its internals

Dual Imaging: Side and Down 

You will truly be amazed how this device offers two images! One that allows you to scan your left and right sides environments, and the other one lets you see underwater. Let us delve into each one of these.

Side imaging makes it considerably simpler to scan the water around you considerably simpler by allowing you to scan to the right and left of the boat with a 180-degree image. The Helix 7 SI’s main feature is its ability to perform side imaging while simultaneously scanning a depth range of up to 100 feet, which is why it is referred to as a “dual scan” fish finder. 

The inverse is true with down imaging, which enables you to observe everything occurring underwater. Although side imaging rarely provides the sharpest images, it’s a terrific method to spot structure and decide whether you want to get nearer. This provides you with the most precise view and aids in identifying exactly what is occurring below you, giving you the best understanding of the best location to fish and why.

Internal GPS and Basemap

Having GPS is necessary during fishing because it locates where you currently are. Also, it helps to quickly locate locations that have already been identified as ideal fishing locations, which reduces the amount of time traveling.

Additionally, this product offers a mapping feature; therefore you do not have to find and pay for another device containing this feature. Many devices actually offer GPS but only this product includes a mapping feature. Helix 7 also monitors the speed and depth of the waterbody you are in, which is very important for anglers who consider the type of fish they want to catch. This device software allows you to mark the best fishing locations and dangerous areas allowing you to have a productive fishing route. 

Access to Anglers Charts

This feature allows you to make use of Humminbird Lakemaster, Autochart, Autochart Pro, Navionics Gold, and HotMaps, which are charts for fishing spots. Using computer software, you can turn these charts into maps of the lakes and rivers you prefer to fish in. With this, you can take advantage of the various maps and locate your preferred fishing locations. This also has the ability to take screenshots of reports and record waypoints to save your fishing journey. 


The core of a fishfinder system is the transducer, which transmits sound waves and then monitors for echoes to interpret what is beneath the water’s surface. Helix 7’s transducer covers a broad frequency range since it sees through the details of fish, structure, and water conditions. It makes you distinguish between your desired prey and the bait ones and the underwater vegetation, which is important in separating the fish from their surroundings. Because they are designed to decrease charging time, they emit more pulses, which generate more data and improve target separation.

Moreover, it is reliable, accurate, and creative. The larger prey is interpreted on the screen longer to make you accustomed to how you can set your timing in casting and luring your bait. It features a high signal-to-noise ratio, which lessens clutter and increases your confidence in the accuracy of what you see. It is intended to boost coverage and maximize fish detail.

Should You Buy A Helix 7 G3 Fish Finder?

It can be discouraging to wait patiently for hours with no luck in catching any fish. The Helix 7 G3 fish finder was created to address the issue of fishing from a boat at approximately 1000 feet of depth. Therefore, if you estimate to fish in this range, then this product might be for you. 

Another important thing that you should evaluate yourself from buying this fish finder is that you should already grasp the basic skills and are more likely used to fishing. You may best appreciate this device due to its durable screen, split-screen technology, plenty of view image options, and efficiency in giving environment condition information all at the same time. 

This type of fish finder may not be ideal for beginners learning to fish because the Helix 7 series secures the high-end models and cutting-edge technology, allowing more extra functions. This might not be cost-effective and user-friendly for you as a starter. However, if you are venturing into serious and advanced fishing skills, do not hesitate to pick this type of fish finder! 


One major feature that users love about owning a Helix 7 fish finder is its GPS and mapping capabilities. This best assists fishers in both locating the fish and monitoring the condition of the water. They also thank its mapping feature because it is capable of marking the best fishing spots and recording their fishing experience. 

This device is designed for multi-tasking; therefore, you can view almost all the needed information on your screen to plot your best way of casting. It is ideal for experienced anglers that take priority of the water condition and variety of fish which are catered by the dual imaging modes. Furthermore, this Helix 7 G3 model differs from preceding the same series because of its option to have both down and side MEGA imaging. 


Many consumers might be confused about choosing fish finders because of the variety of the Helix 7 model series. Despite this model’s advantages, it is necessary to know that this does not support networking such as sharing GPS waypoints with other devices from Humminbird. Also, this might not be beginner-friendly due to its complex features and price. 

About Humminbird

Humminbird is a company that first introduces innovative finds, especially in fish finders. They first produced devices that had a waterproof depth sounder, LCR screens, and 360-degree SONAR technology. They have been improving the equipment of anglers over the years, making them a reliable brand in marine electronics known for quality. 


Looking for fish finder devices might be overwhelming because it includes a lot of things to consider. Whether you are a beginner or a senior in fishing, buying the best fish finder will let you think about your fishing intentions and needs. 

The Humminbird Helix 7 G3 is a popular model of the helix 7 series because it is one of the most feature-packed devices except for its ability to network. Anglers benefit from this device because it saves them time, fuel, and other resources used in catching fish. Hence, having an all-equipped fish finder aids your boat’s safety by reducing the likelihood of colliding with large rocks, coral reefs, and other dangerous underwater objects.

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