Choosing the Best Watch for Hunting and Fishing – Top Models Compared

Outdoor activities necessitate several tools not only for the enhancement of your experience but also to assure your survival. Emergency preparedness is one important aspect, for your safety must be among your priorities in your adventure. Watches are survival gears you must have in your possession.

However, you could not choose just any watch. You need to carefully examine if your watch has all the important components that make up a survival watch. To help you with this, we discuss the things to consider in choosing the best watch for hunting and fishing. Furthermore, we also present the best watches in 2020 from different brands so that you have an expanded set of options you can examine.

Things to Consider in Buying Survival Watches

To further expand your knowledge about survival watches, here are the types of survival watches you can choose from, each having different features and uses along with the important factors and components that you need to consider if you are looking for the best watch for hunting and fishing.

  • The Navigation Watch – nowadays, survival watches could display more than time, but also important navigational information. With this, you need to consider additional features like date, barometer, temperature gauge, altimeter, perpetual calendar, moon phase, tide graph, GMT indicator, and others. Aside from this, this type of watch could also work as GPS more than time-tellers.
  • The G-shock Watch – this type of watch functions almost the same as the navigation watch but more rugged and more preferred by militaries. However, some of the g-shock watches do not feature thermometers.
  • Survival Kit Watch – this is also known as paracord watch. Aside from important features like watch and compass, this also has a flint, a whistle, and a fire starter scraper. This is super adjustable so it could accommodate your wrist easily.

Additional Things to Consider

Among the things that you should consider are the following:

  • Adjustability – you want to make sure that the wrist strap can accommodate your wrist. It should not be too loose, for it might fall off, but not too tight as well, for it might feel uncomfortable. There are several types of wrist strap adjustments depending on the kind of watch you’re buying. Consider the versatility of the adjustment. Consider as well what the strap is made of (e.g. rubber, metal), for the material might also irritate your skin.
  • Features – you don’t want to buy survival watches with very limited features. You need to examine which features are much needed in your fishing or hunting activities like a compass or temperature gauge. The more features there are in a watch, the more expensive it could be, to identify which is really necessary, for some feature in an expensive watch may not be needed at all.
  • Durability – make sure that your watch does not break easily. Durability must be one of your priorities, for you would want a long-lasting product. Consider how water resistant the watch is, especially if you want to go fishing. When you’re in an adventure, there are unavoidable circumstances like raining or being submerged in water all together, these are situations you need to consider, so you need watches that are resistant to water, dust, or much heat.
  • Size and Weight – you want to wear a comfortable watch, so you would want to consider its size and its weight. You don’t want to go around wearing heavy watches which may hinder or obstruct your adventure. You don’t want any additional weight especially when you’re in an outdoor activity. At the same time, you have to make sure that the watches display is readable, that you don’t have to exert much effort to understand what is being displayed on the screen.
  • Battery – consider as well the longevity of your device’s battery. Because you would be going out over quite a long period of time, you need that which could function over the course of several hours. Also, identify how battery replacements and charging are made.

Best Fishing Watches Reviews

Here are our top picks for the best fishing watches in 2020:

Suunto Traverse Alpha Fishing Watch

If you like hunting, fishing, or trekking you surely need a watch like Suunto Traverse Alpha. With its design developed following military standards, the fiber-glass reinforced case of this watch makes it rugged. This also features a nylon strap and stainless steel buttons and bezel.

Its Li-Ion battery, which is rechargeable, could make the watch last longer for two straight weeks when it is in time mode and for 10 hours when it is in GPS mode.

What makes this watch more remarkable is its ability to record where and when you shoot because of its automatic shot detection feature. It could also assist you in going back home because of its automatic breadcrumb trail function. Aside from this, there are also other interesting functions like sunrise or sunset alerts, and moon phase calendar features. Along with its built-in flashlight is its altimeter and barometer you could readily use in your outdoor activity.


This item weighs only 12.80 ounces, with a case diameter of 50 millimeters, a digital display type, and a nylon band material.


  • Rugged built
  • Has a lot of features
  • Desirable appearance


  • Battery lasts only ten hours when in GPS mode
  • Quite expensive

Casio Men’s Pro Trek Solar Digital Watch

What’s admirable about this watch is its durability. With its ability to resist water up to 200 meters deep, impact and centrifugal forces, and even high water pressure, you can trust the longevity and competence of this brand. It has a chronograph display that could not only show you what time it is, but it also functions as a compass among others. It also has its iconic design that has made the watch really remarkable over time.

This Digital watch features a Multi-band 6 Atomic Timekeeping, to make sure it displays the accurate time. This is easy to navigate and manipulate and is very user-friendly.


This product is dominantly black in color and is made up of a rubber wrist strap.


  • Iconic design
  • Chronograph display
  • Very water resistant


  • Quite expensive

SunRoad Outdoor Fishing Watch

This watch has a very simple design and also simple features. This is designed especially for fishing because of its features like its ability to track air pressure for six fishing places regardless of wherever you are located. This can also help you identify the appropriate fishing time, incorporating barometer, altimeter, weather forecast, thermometer, and other time functions.

Furthermore, this watch features a complete countdown and casting frequency management functions. This is waterproof up to 50 meters for around 10 minutes.


Green colored watch with 24-hour barometric pressure trend chart.


  • Comes with many features
  • Could track air pressure


  • Limited water resistance

Timex Expedition Shock XL Watch

This watch is designed especially for long water exposure and immersion. With its durable and comfortable plastic resin body, the band of this watch can easily be secured with its buckle closure. Weighing just around 6 ounces, this watch is very comfortable to wear. Among its basic features are a calendar, compass, and its backlight.

Because of its affordable price, this watch is bought by many. If you don’t want to wear watches that are too bulky or large, then this watch is for you. Along with its stopwatch feature, timer, and alarm functions, it also has an Indiglo backlight which is very easy to manipulate. Although the display watch is negative, it is large, clear, and very readable.


This watch can be water resistant up to 200 meters. Features a durable resin strap.


  • Very affordable
  • Easy to manipulate and operate
  • Remarkable backlight feature


  • Only features basic functions
  • Unavailability of replacement bands
  • Band gets scratched easily.

Casio Men’s Outgear Watch

This watch has promising durability considering its stainless steel material. It is easy to adjust with its one-touch 3-fold buckle. Its spherical glass and its electro-luminescent backlight make its display more elegant and easier to read. It features a thermometer and could be adjusted into fishing mode as well, making it a very essential tour for your outdoor adventure.

Aside from the thermometer, this watch also comes with other important features like moon data display, a 1/100-second stopwatch, and also a countdown timer. It has a battery life of two years so you are assured of the watch’s longevity and you don’t really need to worry a lot about changing the battery from time to time.


This has 100-meter water resistance and is lightweight at 135 grams, with a case size of 47 x 41.5 x 12.8 mm.


  • Comes with many features
  • Long battery life
  • Lightweight yet durable


  • Use of non-standard battery
  • Instrument setup is a bit complicated

Casio G-Shock Solar Atomic Watch

This watch is lightweight and is very comfortable to wear yet very dependable and durable as well. Its plastic case and bond are so tough and it features a solar-recharge system that could make the watch battery last up to 10 years. The function buttons are chromed knurled, making it tough and easy to use, also, protective rings are covering the main button, protecting it from too much impact and keeping debris out. This watch has the ability to keep atomic time via the multiband calibration radio signals. However, if you wish, you can opt to update the time manually.

Some of the very useful functions of this watch are altimeter or barometer, compass, thermometer, and calendar. Also, this watch features a snooze button alarm. Even in deep, cold condition, the watch remains very comfortable to wear because of its design.


This watch could handle even a drop of 30 feet and has a water-resistance level of around 600 feet.


  • Very durable even after long use
  • Battery life is long
  • Elegant design


  • Negative display
  • The display is difficult to read
  • The bad clasp can scratch very easily

Armitron Adventure Men’s Digital Watch

This watch really focuses more on weather information, making it really useful in your hunting or fishing activity. Its stainless steel bezel ring along with its resin band and case construction makes the product durable and shock-resistant. Among its important features are temperature reference, barometer, altimeter, and weather station that has the ability to track altitude changes, windchill, wind speed, and other important information.

Its alarm and time-keeping functions are also accurate, with its readable negative display and bright backlight function.


This watch is water resistant for up to 165 feet, making it most useful for water adventures like light water sports and river crossings.


  • Very affordable
  • Useful features


  • Does not feature a compass

Garmin Fenix 5 Sapphire

This watch is made remarkable by its heart rate detection function. Bezel made out of stainless steel, this features sunrise and sunset times. This is used especially if you want to detect your workout progress. Among its features are GPS and GLONASS satellite reception and a 3-axis compass. This can also work as gyroscope and barometric altimeter.


This has a 10 ATM water rating, meaning it can be waterproof for up to 100 meters deep underwater. It has a sapphire lens and is scratch-resistant.


  • Modern features
  • Detection of workout progress
  • Elegant design


  • Altimeter not very accurate


You, of course, want an affordable watch that has the most useful features and could really suit your needs. The things to consider in buying the best watch for hunting and fishing would help you in looking for one. If you are trying to find a quality watch, we recommend Casio Men’s Outgear watch considering its multiple features, durability, and affordability. This works really well for any outdoor adventure you desire to undertake. Of course, you would also want to decide which would really fit your need at the moment.


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