Best Surf Fishing Rods You Should Consider in the Market

If you are into fishing, then you probably already know that the quality and versatility of the rod are the most important. However, several rods are currently present in the market, and plenty of their reviews are all available on the internet, which confuses you to evaluate your preference further. To help you choose the best surf fishing rod, then you are in luck to come across this article! 

Fishing rods used for surfing are much larger than those of other types of fishing rods. To put it simply, this is necessary in order to cast heavier baits to fish that are present in the surf. If you are unprepared, surf fishing can become a daunting experience. 

Therefore, we have evaluated the best surf fishing rods in the market based on different categories that you may consider. Read the rest of this article to find the information about the considerations you should know before making a purchase, and a review of our fishing rod picks. 

A Quick Glance of Best Surf Fishing Rods

Berrypro Surf Spinning Rod Full Carbon Surf Fishing Rod
– Slim, Light-weight, and Durable
– Advanced X-Carbon Technology
Berrypro Surf Spinning Fishing Rod Graphite Spinning Rod
– IM7 X-Carbon Technology
– Strength and Durable
Okuma Longitude Surf Graphite Rods
– Pac Bay rubber butt caps
– Sensitive and Durable
Fiblink Surf Spinning Fishing Rod
– Diamond X wrap rubber shrink tube handle
– Stainless steel mixed with ceramic guides
Fiblink Surf Spinning & Casting Fishing Rod
– Carbon Fiber Construction
– Non-Slip Rubber Shrink Tube Handle
Penn Squadron III Surf Spinning Fishing Rod
– Graphite Composite Blank and Reel Seat
– Rubber Shrink Tube Handle
Okuma Tundra Surf Glass Spinning Rods
– Durable glass fiber rod blank construction
– Stainless steel hooded reel seats
Okuma Rockaway Carbon Saltwater Surf
– Built lightweight
– Tip over butt Ferrule connection

 What are Surf Fishing Rods?

Fishing in the surf zone is only permitted using surf fishing rods. Due to its simplicity and wide range of available bodies of water, it is a widely popular method of fishing. Surf rods are commonly long in length because it needs to allow the angler to cast long to exceed the beach waves. They are also sturdy enough to handle large fish in challenging beach fishing situations. Baitcaster rods, surf casting rods, and surf spinning rods are specifically made to make beach fishing easier. They often feature long grip handles made for two-handed casting approaches.

How To Pick The Best Surf Fishing Rod?

What is Your Target Fish?

What type of fish you will be pursuing should be your first priority. It’s not a significant matter if you don’t have a specific fish type in mind, but you should be aware that there may be some variation between what works well for a smaller and larger fish catch.  If you are primarily chasing smaller and more flavorful catches,  you may not require a “big fish” rod. Therefore, as early as possible, you should be able to decide whether you want a general-purpose rod or one that is more tailored to a certain fish size before buying a surf rod.

Rod Length

One of the most significant factors affecting casting distance is surf rod length. During surf fishing, casting distance is crucial because the objective is to throw the bait or lure beyond the crashing waves. Also, as a larger rod offers more power, anglers should utilize it when pursuing larger kinds of fish.

Short fishing rods are favored on a boat because they are simpler to handle in confined conditions, but long surf fishing rods are typically suited for surf and pier fishing. In order to be more comfortable and convenient when surf fishing, anglers who are shorter in stature or who may have physical constraints should think about using rods on the shorter end. 

Generally, we recommend a 10 to 12 feet rod length. 

Rod Power

Rod power, which can be light or heavy, is described as the strength of the rod or its lifting capability.  The most popular choice for the majority of fishermen will be medium-heavy, which is situated in the middle of the scale. For the majority of surf fishermen, this type of rod power offers the most flexible alternative. 

Make sure you select the appropriate line when selecting rod power. With a heavier line, a heavier power rod will perform better. But with a too-light rod, you run the risk of missing the fish more frequently. If you are not aiming for any specific species, medium or medium-heavy are great general options for rod power. However, if you opt to catch larger fish, then it is best to acquire a heavier-action rod. 

Rod Speed

When pressure is exerted on a rod’s tip, the rod bends. This is referred to as the rod’s speed, or some may call it action. When talking about casting distance, the rod action is critical.

Slow, medium and fast are the typical types of rod speed. Slower and medium action rods are preferred when you use live bait since there is a low probability of missing the bait. On the other hand, faster action rods give more accuracy and sensitivity. This provides you with an extended casting range that is recommended for larger fish catches. 

Spinning vs. Conventional Rods?

In choosing the type of surf rods, you should consider your needs and experience during fishing. 

The use of casting and spinning rods is similar, but their functional differences make them distinct from one another. A spinning rod is available in a range of sizes, while a  casting rod bends over when the hooks go upward as the fish pulls the lines. A spinning rod is the best option for novices because it is easy to use and is not challenging to get the hang of it. Casting rods are excellent for fishermen who already have experience and are serious about their fishing.

Rod Material: Graphite vs. Fiberglass vs. Composite

There are excellent rods available in both fiberglass and graphite, so you will need to select which you prefer. When looking for rods, you can also come across the word “carbon fiber.” Don’t be misled by it. Rods made of carbon fiber and graphite are very similar. Additionally, there are also composite rods that combine the benefits of both fiberglass and graphite.

Graphite rods are more sensitive, faster, and lighter, whereas fiberglass rods are more robust, more durable, heavier, less sensitive, and cheaper. Therefore, the important thing to consider is to ask yourself if you are particular with your rod’s sensitivity. If yes, then you  may choose graphite rods but if not, then go for the fiberglass rod. 

Top 8 Surf Fishing Reels Reviews

Berrypro Surf Spinning Rod Full Carbon Surf Fishing Rod

Are you looking for an all-rounder rod that is lightweight and durable but still expresses the power you need? You might want to consider the Berrypro rod!

Most beginners loved this rod because of its weight and elegant design. These rods feature the appropriate actions and backbone to help you handle and land on those difficult fish. They are made to throw lures into the surf. They offer a high level of surf-fishing performance and come in a wide variety of lengths and actions.

The rods’ remarkable sensitivity and power are a result of advanced X-Carbon Technology, which also flawlessly balances this pole’s hardness and flexibility. It also gives a smooth casting and prevents slipping because of its non-slip shrink tube handle. 

This is the most recommended rod for beginners and our favorite pick on the list! Even advanced anglers can enjoy this rod because of its features and high-level surf fishing performance. 

Berrypro Surf Spinning Fishing Rod Graphite Spinning Rod

Quality and durability are what you should not miss out on while purchasing a fishing rod. This rod excellently offers these two criteria.

These rods have remarkable sensitivity and power provided by IM7 X-Carbon technology, which also  balances the stiffness and softness perfectly. We love this product’s durability and strength without sacrificing its smoothness. 

It is incorporated with an upgraded stainless steel fishing guide with a ceramic ring, which minimizes friction during fishing. When making a long throw, the sensitivity will be ideally passed from the line to the rod and subsequently to your hand because the guides are completely placed at the bottom of the blank’s spine.

This product is mainly similar to the first rod mentioned above. The only difference is that the first one was made out of carbon while this rod is graphite made. Moreover, this rod is best recommended for anglers who wish to catch larger fish.


Okuma Longitude Surf Graphite Rods

Every fishing journey is a learning experience. This type of rod enables you to enhance your fishing skills while still giving quality performance!

The rods are so well-crafted that the manufacturer offers a limited lifetime warranty on all of their goods. The handle is composed of non-slip rubber and features a tapered rear grip. A premium cork is wrapped around the butt part of the rods to provide a non-slip fore and rear grip feels for unlimited casting. When you cast and wind down on large fish, the steel hooded reel seat maintains your reel in position.

They are equipped with graphite composite blank that enables you to cast heavy baits. It also resists corrosion and has a very long lifespan.

What users like about this rod is that the handle set is both comfortable and incredibly sturdy. They are designed to improve the abilities of all fishermen, from beginners to experts. 

Fiblink Surf Spinning Fishing Rod

Fiblink’s surf bars are setting a modern standard for quality, and more than one fisherman has been awed that these reasonable choices can go head-to-head with distant, more costly choices.

This rod is famous for its rubber shrink tube handle with a tapered rear grip that is non-slip because it incorporates a Diamond X wrap rubber shrink tube handle. The rod has a perfectly calibrated action for boat fishing and very robust solid carbon fiber construction. 

Its stainless steel mixed with a ceramic guide offers smoothness while preventing lines from getting jammed in the guides and reduces friction for effortless and long casts. The greatest fish-fighting power and adaptability for usage with a wide range of methods are built into the design of these rods. Strong, forceful action blanks are able to handle fish handling in a surf rod as well as bait and lure fishing activities for long-distance casting. 

If you favor durability and sensitivity in a rod, then this product might be for you! Its weight is just between light and heavy, which can be applicable for both beginners and proficient anglers. 

Fiblink Surf Spinning & Casting Fishing Rod

Who would not want a quality physical design that still offers excellent rod performance? You might as well check out this Fiblink type of rod! 

These rods provide an excellent design that still delivers power, effectiveness, and style. Whether it is wet or dry, a firm grip is provided by the composite blanks, stainless steel guides, high-strength reel seat, and its robust and sticky rubber shrink tube handles. This is preferred because of its long cast capabilities and firm action during casting. 

It also has a sensitive carbon fiber composite blank and enough backbone to cast large baits far while only feeling the lightest of bites. It’s designed to be an affordable, versatile surf rod. Such rods enhance the angler’s comfort and enjoyment because they allow you to take control of its handle accessibly. 

We recommend this rod if you use heavy gears in your fishing tools. 

Penn Squadron III Surf Spinning Fishing Rod

Be ready for your next fishing trip along with Penn Squadron III Surf Spinning Fishing Rod! 

This medium-heavy power casting rod has a graphite composite blank for durability and is appropriate for usage in saltwater environments. The comfortable shrink tube and the EVA grips have a classic look and feel, while the Dura-Guides from PENN are made of virtually unbreakable one-piece stainless steel.

Anglers love its handles because the rod can be tossed well with heavier baits attached. Its overall length is 10 feet, capable of long-range casting and a variety of fish to catch. 

As mentioned, this rod is recommended for anglers who enjoy saltwater fishing and desire for larger and different types of catches. 

Okuma Tundra Surf Glass Spinning Rods

Nothing irritates a surf fisherman more than rolling surf when you can see where the waves are breaking. Even though you can see large fish just at the break’s edge, they are just out of casting distance. If you experience the same sentiments, then go for Okuma Tundra Surf Glass Spinning Rod!

With the use of cutting-edge technology, Okuma has created this glass fiber rod which is one of the toughest materials for fishing rods. It is made to blend strength and longevity with a quick tip for more delicate movement. For extra convenience when fishing, the strengthened blanks are equipped with durable ceramic guide inserts, graphite, and stainless steel reel seats.

What we like about this rod is its rubber butt cap and extra-long full EVA handles that make holding more pleasant, especially on extended expeditions. It is a great option for both beginners and experts, and it works with all various kinds of lines. 

Consider this product if you cast for longer ranges while still wanting to keep the durability feature of your rod. 

Okuma Rockaway Carbon Saltwater Surf

Only a small number of rods are made for both lightweight use and smooth but durable casting. The Okuma Rockaway Carbon Saltwater Surf is just one of those! 

Okuma’s UFR-II rod tip technology is present in all of the 24-ton carbon rod blanks, which are incredibly light and sensitive. These rods are ideal for all-day casting because they include Tip over Butt ferrule connectors for better balance and XQ series angled Sea Guide 316-stainless steel frames. The Rockaway has a genuine lightweight feel and looks courtesy of the thin tapered shrink tube grips for a non-slip surface and endurance.

Many are amazed by this rod because of its durability despite how light it feels. We recommend this rod for those anglers who fish for a long time. 


The  beauty of surf fishing is in how frequently things change. The sensation of discovery never fades; even if you spend the majority of your time fishing on the same beach, you may still find  a new catch! To enjoy your surf fishing experience more, you need to utilize a good quality and high-performance rod fitting for your fishing needs. You will not regret choosing this activity after you select the appropriate tools and educate yourself on its proper practices.

Even in the finest conditions, fishing from the beach may be challenging. Even those with extensive expertise will agree with you. Until your abilities develop and you have a better awareness of your preferences, it is preferable to start with fishing equipment that is appropriate for your conditions. Overall, the rod’s performance still depends on you, the angler. We hope that this article helped you choose and evaluate your ideal fishing rod.

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