Best Ice Fishing Boots for Winter Fishing

Ice fishing is awesome. The best ice fishing boots are the ones that keep you warm and dry, while still giving you enough sensitivity to feel what’s underneath your feet. You need to be able to feel the difference between hard ice, snow, and mud so that you can get out of there before you sink in. There are many great options out there for ice fishing boots, but these are some of our favorites.

Best Ice Fishing Boots – Top Recommendations

To further help you choose the best ice fishing boots, we have compiled our top recommendations, each with different features that may best suit your specific needs:

1. Korkers POLAR VORTEX 1200

Key Features:

  • 100% Leather
  • 100% Waterproof construction
  • Versatile Two Outsoles Traction
  • 3M Thinsulate insulation
  • Fast and effortless fit system
  • Premium comfort
  • Versatile Omnitrax 3.0 interchangeable sole system

Korkers POLAR VORTEZ 1200 is the best ice-fishing boots, comes with a Boa M4 Fit system that replaces laces. You can adjust the boot size by turning the ratchet knob. Spin the knob and tighten the boot evenly; pull the knob out and loosen up quickly. This system also offers exceptional foot support.

This shoe also features a SnowTrac and IceTrac sole. The sheer rubber lug sole has 32 carbide studs per lug, and it is also equipped with rubber cleats that prevent damages to the vehicle carpet or doorway. The additional + plastic sole allows you to easily exchange one for the other to maintain your entire flooring, as well as protect your home from damage.

There is 1200 g of 3M Thinsulate insulation included in this shoe in addition to an aerogel frost barrier footbed for keeping your feet warm while sitting still. However, these shoes will not overheat your feet when walking.

The POLAR VORTEX 1200 is a fairly warm, waterproof, and comfortable boot that is light in weight and simple to use with manual-shift quads. It can be tucked into the footrest of a snowmobile easily.

2. Clam Sub-Zero X Boot

Key Features

  • Seamless full rubber construction
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Heal kick tab eases removal
  • Reflective cuff with tie close
  • True traction grip on slippery surfaces
  • Available in Black/Charcoal color
  • Available in sizes Men’s 8-14

The wader-like structure of the Clam Sub-Zero X Boot’s rubber sole prevents water from coming into contact with the wearer in any circumstance. It is very lightweight for vulcanized rubber, waterproof boot.

Even when damp, wool retains heat. The removable wool liners in Clam’s Sub-Zero X boots make drying perspiration—an inevitability after a full day on the ice—easy.

A drawstring at the very top buckles the stout zip down retains snow out and retains body heat in. They’re an excellent fishing boot for fishermen who take shelter in quickly built tented shelters with no floor, and trappers alongside others who make pastures over the full watershed.

3. Sorel Blizzard XT Boot

Key Features

  • 100% Textile and Synthetic
  • Temperature rated: -100° Fahrenheit / -73.3° Celsius
  • Removable 13 mm SOREL Meltdown midsole
  • Durable water and wind resistant PU coated synthetic textile upper
  • Removable 13mm ThermoPlus felt inner boot 

Sorel’s Blizzard XT snow boots are a great value for money. Their performance is decent for quick excursions behind the workplace after work or on the weekend.

While this boot’s upper is designed using synthetic materials, it is extremely effective at preventing water from getting through to its PU coating.

The inner liner, made with 9mm of Omni-heat reflective recycled felt, is removable for simple drying of condensation. The midsole is a 2.5 mm bonded felt frost plug to keep the cold from creeping up from the bottom. The boot’s top can be held tight to your shin by its drawstring and barrel-lock closure. This is a good boot for budget-conscious individuals to walk long distances while they’re on the ice.

4. LaCrosse Men’s Hunt Pac Extreme

Key Features

  • Thinsulate Ultra Insulation
  • Dry-Core Waterproof Barrier
  • Full-Grain Leather And 1000 Denier Nylon
  • Reinforced Heel And Toe Cap For Added Abrasion Resistance
  • Ice Grip Outsole’S Unique Lug Pattern Sheds Snow And Debris
  • Removable Eva Insole For Cushioning And Support
  • Nylon Shank Provides Rigid Underfoot Support
  • Mossy Oak Break-Up Camo For Concealment

These Lacrosse ice fishing boots offered insulation that protected me from cold weather. It had 2,000 grams of Thinsulate Ultra Insulation as an element that held warmth in.

They were also bound to have Dry-Core soles that would not be able to allow any water to enter them, which is essential because water is always visible in ice fishing. The boots’ outsoles were good at shedding snow and mud due to their Ice Grip grip design, which had lugs that would efficiently lay down pieces of ice and snow.

These boots came with removable EVA insoles that cushioned my feet every step of the way, which I can appreciate since I walk a lot at work.

These boots were able to safeguard against all sorts of external influences, as they are built with impressive heels and foot caps that provide excellent abrasion resistance.

5. Muck Boot Men’s Arctic Pro Hunting Boot

Key Features

  • 100% Synthetic
  • Pull-On closure
  • 8 mm neoprene for comfort and flexibility
  • Stretch-fit Comfort Topline
  • Lightweight EVA midsole for additional cushioning
  • Temperature rated from -60 °F to 30 °F

This boot was designed with ice anglers in mind, specifically for the extremes of temperature. In line with the Arctic-optimized model, it combines rubber and fabric, making it 100% waterproof and lightweight and offering additional insulation. The 8mm fleece lining will keep your toes warm in the boots.

The Muck Boots Arctic Pro are all known for being the warmest boots made. You won’t be disappointed with the purchase of them.

Men in Ice Fishing Boots

What factors determine the quality of ice fishing boots? 

Here are factors that determine what make for a great pair of ice fishing boots:


A pair of waterproof boots keep your feet warm and dry while you’re ice fishing. You should look for boots that are made of rubber or other durable material. Make sure the boots are 100% waterproof or have some kind of decent water resistance so that your feet stay comfortable. These boots won’t let water get inside them.

Insulation and Warmth

is very important when it comes to keeping your feet warm. Insulated boots are probably the best choice, but if you want something cheaper, then get some fleece-lined or neoprene booties. You should also buy them in a size larger than normal so you can add more layers underneath.

Snow Traction

Ice fishing boots should be made with strong soles that provide better traction. They must also be made for improved grip on the ice. Customers should review these products before buying them to make sure they do what they say they do.


Ice fishermen should consider the height of the boots they plan to use when choosing them. A high-heeled boot will make walking easier but may be hard to walk in. A low-heeled boot may allow more room for movement but may be too difficult to walk in. Ice fishermen should also think about how their boots and pants will match up. If they wear an ice fishing bib over the boot, then they’ll need to get some extra clothing underneath the bib. If they tuck in another pair, then they won’t have to worry about matching their pants and boots.


Ice fishing boots can be heavy. You might want to consider choosing a lighter-weight boot if you anticipate a long day of tramping through the ice and snow. Heavy boots can also weigh you back, should you fall through thin ice. Still, heavier shoes often mean more insulation and greater waterproofing. Figure out the right balance of warmth and durability versus the weight of the boot.

Final Thoughts

It is important to be prepared when going out in the cold to ice fish. One way to do this is by dressing in gear that is designed for the weather. If you go without, your hands and feet will quickly get cold and have a higher risk of getting frostbite. Having the right boots to keep your feet warm while keeping them dry is essential.

One way to stay prepared for an ice fishing trip is to dress in gear that will protect you against the elements.

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