Best Fishing Kayak Under 1000 Dollars

While catching fish can be fun and rewarding, sometimes, it’s just challenging especially when you’re catching from the shore. But you don’t have to stay all day long waiting for the fish to come to you when you paddle towards them in an easy, stealthy, budget-friendly way: kayak fishing.

Fishing from a kayak has always been one of the most effective means to catch fish that are inaccessible for those who catch from the shore or those who use loud large motorboats. Because of their size and stealth, kayaks could access small, remote waterways and catch fish that are easily spooked. Plus, they relatively cost less than engine-powered boats.

But while kayak fishing is generally effective, you don’t want to have just any fishing kayaks. You would want the one that is equipped enough for your desired fishing experience – that which has all the features and would meet your set budget: from design, stability, all the way to weight capacity.

Top 10 Fishing Kayaks Table

ImageNameTypeCapacityDimensionsWeightRating (1-5)Buy
Old Town Dirigo 1061. Old Town Dirigo 106 Solo300 lbs10'6'' x 27.75''42 lbs4.8

Sun Dolphin Aruba2. Sun Dolphin ArubaSolo250 lbs10' x 30''40 lbs4.4

Riot Kayaks Escape3. Riot Kayaks EscapeSolo300 lbs12' x 30''72 lbs4.0

Sun Dolphin Journey4. Sun Dolphin JourneySolo250 lbs10' x 29.5"44 lbs3.9

Lifetime Tandem5. Lifetime TandemTandem500 lbs10' x 36''73 lbs3.8

Sun Dolphin Bali SS6. Sun Dolphin Bali SSSolo197 lbs8' x 28"30 lbs3.6

Ocean Kayak Zest Two EXP7. Ocean Kayak Zest Two EXPTandem600 lbs16'4.5'' x 30.5''75 lbs3.1

Vibe Kayaks Sea Ghost 1108. Vibe Kayaks Sea Ghost 110Solo425 lbs11' x 33''62 lbs 4.6

Perception Outlaw9. Perception OutlawSolo425 lbs11' 6" x 35"77 lbs4.5

Driftsun Teton 12010. Driftsun Teton 120 Tandem500 lb12.2' x 32"72 lbs4.3

How To Choose The Best Fishing Kayak under 1000 Dollars

There are several things to consider if you are looking to purchase a fishing kayak, especially below the $1000 price range. Getting the one that is equipped with all the features for a good fishing experience is significantly important, and this guide should help you narrow down your choices in choosing the best fishing kayak for under $1000 when you begin shopping:

Primary Use

Knowing the intended use of your kayak right off the bat can make your decision much easier in selecting the right model for you. All the models reviewed below are designed for fishing but it can also be used for recreation if you would like to just go kayaking sometimes. It serves a dual purpose.

Determining your fishing location is equally important as well. Based on where you will be fishing regularly. Lakes, rivers, or open coasts have different kinds of water that you have to deal with. Also, you have to decide whether you prefer to go fishing solo or with a partner.


There are several types and options of fishing kayak available on the market. And in the world of kayaks things would not be any different, the old saying ‘you get what you pay for’ still applies. You may find a good bargain on the lower price range for under 500 dollars but most are cheaply made and won’t last long.

On the other hand, kayaks under $2000 guarantee the higher quality, comfort, and convenience and have more extra features. But this price range is usually too expensive especially for beginners. That is why fishing kayak under $1000 is a good middle price point between budget and quality. 


Kayak size varies greatly depending on the brand, model, and type. And kayak size typically dictates how many paddlers it can accommodate, how stable it is on the water and how easy it is to manage. Knowing your height and weight before the purchase is key factors in determining the right kayak size and paddles for you.

Fishing kayaks typically measures 10 -16 feet long, and between 30 – 42 inches wide. The design favors maximum stability and weight capacity over speed and maneuverability. Shorter kayaks tend to be wider and offer greater stability. While longer kayaks are generally narrow and have more potential for speed, but may take more effort to turn. Some kayaks are specifically designed for stand-up fishing and are much wider to offer more stability while standing. 


Heavier kayaks tend to be more rugged and stable. These are made of a durable type of plastic and are designed for long-lasting use with little to no maintenance. Heavier kayaks offer more stability on the water while offering more room for additional fishing gear to carry on board as they typically have a much higher weight capacity. You may need a partner to help you load and unload the kayak whenever you go fishing though.

On the other hand, lighter kayaks are easier to carry from land to water and back by yourself. But because it is lightweight, it may hard to maneuver on the water especially for beginners that don’t have much experience. It doesn’t offer much stability like its heavier counterpart. Also, you can’t bring much additional gear as they have a lesser weight capacity. To avoid the risk of overloading and possible sinking, always consider how much you weigh and your partner if you plan to buy the tandem type and how much gear you plan to carry. Always check as well the maximum weight capacity of the kayak of your choice. For tandem kayak, it is best to get the one that has the highest weight capacity.

Storage & Transport

Make sure you have a dedicated space to store your fishing kayak when you are not using it. Your kayak will spend more time being kept than used in the water, so having a place to keep it safe and tidy is a must. If you are planning to go fishing more often, how to easily transport your kayak is another thing to consider.

When transporting your kayak, you may need to find the suitable rack systems for the type of vehicle you have. And if you chose a kayak transport device, make sure to follow the instructions carefully in securing your kayak. It would also be best to have a partner to help you carry and safely move your kayak to avoid possible damage.

Top 7 Best Fishing Kayak Under 1000 Dollars

In this review, we have seven fishing kayaks you can compare, each of different sizes, offering different features and pieces of equipment.

Lightweight at 42 pounds, Old Town Dirigo 106 kayaks is easy to maneuver and paddle because of its size. Its poly cushioned seat with thigh pads gives anglers comfort during paddling. It features a Click Seal stern hatch that is enough to store gears and items like mobile phones and keys.

Aside from this, Old Town Dirigo 106 also has a Glide Track foot brace system, a cup holder, paddle keeper, and a drain plug, among others, helping anglers organize and be comfortable.



Paddlers reported how helpful the thigh pads are, for they provide comfort during paddling. First-timers find this product very stable on the waters. But there are slight issues about the larger dry storage’s locking mechanism.

Sun Dolphin Aruba Fishing Kayak comes in different colors: blue, citrus, lime, and tangerine to name some. Varying from around eight to twelve feet, this fishing kayak could have a maximum load of 260 to 395 lbs. Designed simply and made out of Polyethylene, it comes with gear storage plus a deck bungee rigging. Its open cockpit features a padded seat you can adjust, back support and alterable foot braces. There are six models of this kayak so far, with almost all versions featuring shock cord deck rigging, portable accessory carrier, and rod holder.



Customers expressed that this fishing kayak is really good for beginners who want to kayak for recreation with its tracking ability. They gave positive notes of its adjustable footrests. However, some boats might be better for those who have kayaked many times before.

Measuring 12 feet by 30 inches and weighing around 70 pounds, Riot Kayaks Escape 12 Angler combines stability, speed, and comfort. It contains five-rod holders, one of which is adjustable, the other four on the front and the rear.

This fishing kayak also includes a sit-on-top high back outfitting, with enough room for storage behind it and sliding foot braces in front which are adjustable. Its integrated console contains a cup holder. 

Its pilot rudder is made out of glass-reinforced plastic, and its rod holder comes with a rear saddle that could accommodate all types of combinations of rod and reel.



Customer reviews express that the fishing kayak is good for its price, but the design is not really admirable and could affect the kayak’s stability. Its console cover can also heavily leak, and the bow could not stay still even on calm surfaces.

If you wish to paddle at some exclusive fishing spots, then Sun Dolphin Journey Fishing Kayak could be of great help. It weighs around 45 pounds but has a carrying capacity of around 250 pounds. It features a Portable Accessory Carrier, one swivel fishing rod holders, two flush mounts, and foot braces you can adjust.

This kayak’s seat is padded and has adjustable foot braces. 

You could store your equipment at its installed storage compartment. Its material, a high-density polyethylene hull, makes it lightweight and very portable.



Customers who reviewed the products said the fishing kayak is relatively inexpensive. The lightweight design also allows for easy paddling. A number commented on the kayak’s ability to store a great number of gears for fishing.

Designed to accommodate up to 3 persons, Lifetime Sport Fisher Kayak has a 500 lbs. weight capacity and is around 10 ft. in length. It is made out of Polyethylene that is UV-protected. That could help avoid cracking, peeling, and fading. Its multiple footrest positions allow paddlers of any size. It comes along with a storage hatch and three pole holders are a pair of double-sided paddles, a pair of padded backrests, and paddle clips. You can sit side-saddle or stand upon it as you fish because of its tunnel hull design.



Paddlers gave praise to the kayak’s capacity to carry more than one person. However, doing so would also leave less space for some tools. Nevertheless, it can easily be pumped up and stays durable even after longer use.

Weighing only 30 lbs, this may be one of the lightest kayaks you could find. With its adjustable padded seat back and graduated footwells, you could get very comfortable as you paddle on waters. It features onboard storage and shock cord deck rigging. Despite its lightweight, it has a carrying capacity of 197 lbs.

This kayak is also made from UV-stabilized Fortiflex High-Density Polyethylene, therefore ensuring durability while also making sure that it is stable when used in rivers.



Paddlers reported that the fishing kayak is very easy to carry and could track really well. Petite paddlers might find it comfortable, but it could get uncomfortable for the taller ones because of the kaya’s small size. Nevertheless, the fishing kayak is steady and could go quickly. However, accessories like paddles do not come along with the kayak.

A two-seater fishing boat, this fishing kayak has a 500-600 lbs. seating capacity, allowing you to bring your small child or your pet as you paddle along waters. Its molded-in foot braces and seats could also provide you comfort even for longer use.

It also features cup holders, carries handles for bow and stern, and a pair of side-mounted paddle holders, skid plates. Its storage is large enough to accommodate most fishing equipment.



Paddlers commented on how well the kayak’s stability and tracking ability. While it’s a bit heavy when carried on land, they expressed that it is light and fast once used on water. The bow carrying handle may snap but could be fixed easily by carefully and properly tying the knots inside it.

Essential Things To Know Before Using a Fishing Kayak

At first, a wide variety of gear choices and the initial learning curve of kayak fishing can be intimidating, but once you get started, you’ll see it is truly one of the most accessible outdoor activities out there. Here are some of the essential kayak fishing tips and techniques to help you get started.

Learn the one-hand paddle

Paddling is half the fun and challenge of kayak fishing. Proper strokes will help you move effectively toward your intended destinations, especially when facing strong wind or current. Learning the one-hand paddle technique is especially important in kayak fishing. Most of the time you will try to battle a fish with one hand while keeping the kayak moving on the other hand. This is considered an expert skill for kayak fishing and is not expected from beginners, but it’s a skill that can be learned and perfected with consistent practice.

Learn to anchor

It may seem counter-intuitive to stop a kayak as it is designed to move. But anchoring or parking your kayak in place is crucial when you are fishing. One of the most common mistakes in anchoring is using too little anchor line when trying to set the anchor. The golden rule of anchor lines is 7:1, which means for every 1 foot of water you are in, you will need 7 feet of anchor line. The idea behind the golden rule of anchoring is that you do not want the anchor line to be straight up and down in the water as it will not catch the bottom effectively. Too little anchor line will result in drag. Another thing to keep in mind is water level changes with tides and currents, so you have to adjust your anchor accordingly.

Learn to Balance

By learning to balance your kayak can increase stability and help you stay safer. Some kayaks we have reviewed have standing area features, and standing may require a bit of practice with your balance. Standing up while kayak fishing is not a trick, but a staple technique that is fun and worth learning as it improves your ability to find and catch more fish.

Check the weather

The weather can affect fishing in several ways. A few natural elements like water temperature, wind, and barometric pressure can influence the way fish behaves. It is important to watch the weather forecast before going out to kayak fishing for your safety. If there is an approaching storm, better find another time as no fish is worth losing your head over.

Know safety procedures

Flipping out of your fishing kayak is scary. Although it doesn’t happen often, when it does, you need to be prepared. Learning how to get back in your kayak after it flips over in deep water is a life skill. Also, it is highly recommended that you pack a personal floatation device with you all the time or always wear a life jacket while out kayak fishing regardless of whether you are an experienced or an amateur angler.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fishing Kayak

Pretty much every kayak has its maximum weight limit set by the manufacturer. Fishing kayaks are designed to carry more gear. Solo kayaks can have a weight capacity ranging from 400 to 500 lbs or more, and tandem kayaks have a weight capacity ranging from 450 to 700 lbs and more.

Exceeding the weight limit on your kayak will throw off its stability and increase the risk of capsizing. That is why it is recommended to stay within the weight limit to avoid any form of accidents.

Transporting your kayak safely can be tricky without the proper equipment. Many kayakers attach the boat on top of their vehicles for transport or pull their boats in a trailer. 

Whether you choose to use a rooftop rack or trailer, it’s important to consider the type of kayak, the number of boats you want to transport, and the type of vehicle you drive to get the right equipment to secure your kayak and prevent any damage. 

Kayaking with children takes extra necessary safety precautions. As their safety needs to be the main concern, parents should ensure that their kids know how to swim and must be wearing a personal flotation device (pdf) all the time when on the water. And to always keep the risk level as low as you possibly can to avoid any sort of accidents.

Kayaks need regular cleaning and inspection to protect against damage. Make sure to clean your kayak with water and light soap to remove any built-up both inside and outside and allow it to dry before storing it. Don’t allow water to sit in the hull of your boat.

Final Thoughts

Kayak fishing is indeed one of the most accessible outdoor activities out there. The fishing kayaks listed above are all very well-made and guarantee stability when in the water, perfect for beginner to the intermediate kayaker. 

As you’ve read, there are several types of fishing kayaks available on the market. All of them differ in one way or the other. Some kayaks vary in size and weight to serve their particular purposes. Some kayaks are better used in shallow waters while some are more effective when used in waters with harsh conditions. Like any other product, it is important to analyze your requirements to find the best fishing kayak under $1000 that fits your needs. Surely, considering all the factors we have listed above, you’ll be able to make a better, more informed purchase.


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