5 Best Surf Fishing Reels

Are you currently getting ready to start on a fishing hobby? Or are you still searching for a replacement for your broken or damaged reel? But, if you are thinking of purchasing some surf fishing reels, then you need to know that there are many options in the market, and they vary in price and quality.

To achieve your best fishing experience, you need to evaluate the appropriate equipment to be used. It might be difficult for you to choose the best equipment given that many reviews of products are now available on the internet. With this, we compiled the top surf fishing reels products, considering your buying purposes and priorities.   

Continue reading and see our reel product recommendations in different categories. This will help you choose and evaluate which of these reels is the best for you. 

A Quick Glance of Best Surf Fishing Reels 

Sougayilang Spinning Reels 10000 Series Surf Fishing Reels
– Wide Range Drag Adjustment
– Catches a variety of fish sizes
Acetop Lightweight Inshore Surf Fishing Reel 
– Lightweight 
– Instant lock anti-reverse feature
Dr.Fish 8000/9000 Surf Fishing Reel
– Ideal for Saltwater
– Made for Heavy Fishing (durability) 
Shimano Vanford F Spinning Reel
– Lightweight and Ideal for Heavy Fishing 
– Made up of advanced and high-end materials
Penn Spinfisher VI Spinning Fishing Reel
– Watertight design
– Highly protected spool

Things to Consider Before Buying a Surf Fishing Reel

Would the Reel Size Matter To You?

The reel size must be taken into account while selecting the best surf fishing reel. The fishing experience can be ruined by an imbalanced rod and reel combination because they won’t perform a properly balanced setup. If your rod is long and heavy, then you should also choose a heavier reel.

Another factor to consider in selecting the reel size is the distance range of the fishing line. If you are only targeting less than 100 feet and smaller fish, then you can settle for the smaller reels. If you need to cast a long distance and catch heavy fish, then you might need a larger reel. 

A Heavy or Light Weight Reel?

Aside from reel sizes, choosing an appropriate weight would give you benefits in catching your intended prey. Surf fishing is simple to do using spinning reels that are lighter in weight. The only drawback to employing smaller reels for surf fishing is their inability to cast heavily weighted bait or across extended distances. Using lightweight hooks only for sight fishing in the surf might favor a smaller reel over a larger one. However, a stronger and heavier one is preferred when using live or sliced baits. 

Saltwater vs Freshwater Reels

You may witness varying reels applicable for saltwater, freshwater, or both. Each of these conditions has particular characteristics and depends on what environment you are most likely to fish in. 

Saltwater Reels

The internal and external parts of your reel will soon deteriorate in saltwater because it is a very corrosive chemical. You should spend more money on a higher-end, well-built reel with high-quality seals because you can never completely prevent your reel from coming into contact with saltwater.  If you choose a higher-quality reel instead of repairing a low-end reel every now and then, you will eventually spend less money over time.

The typical types of reels that are ideal for the saltwater environment are spinning, bait-casting, trolling, and jigging. 

Freshwater Reels

On the other hand, freshwater reels are commonly the bait-casting, open-bail spinning, and closed-spin casting. These types of reels do not need materials that are resistant to corrosion since they will not be exposed to saltwater. 

Can you use Freshwater Reels in Saltwater?

Fortunately, you can use freshwater reels in saltwater; however, you need to remember that this is not ideal. This is due to the materials freshwater reels were made of materials- they are not resistant to saltwater effects and cannot hold bigger fish as you expect them to be. 

If you cannot decide what type of reel to get, then we recommend purchasing the saltwater reel because it is less likely to acquire damage if exposed to sudden changes in the environment. 

Is Dragging Essential to You?

A correct drag set is crucial during surf fishing, especially if you’re fishing with your reel on a rod holder, waiting for a bite. Having the drag too light will lead to sloppy hooksets and missed catch, whereas adjusting the drag overly heavy will cause your rod and reel to drag.

Saltwater fish are powerful, and as we surf fish from the shore, we are unable to pursue a large fish if it decides to flee into the open ocean. To battle the fish, we must only use our strength and drag. Although the stability and smoothness of the drag are always necessary, if you’re after smaller fish, you can opt for a more affordable reel having lower drag specifications.

Commonly, most fish caught on the beach are not classified as heavy and oversized. Therefore, you may set the maximum drag rating to 20 lbs under these conditions. 

Recommended Reel and Rod Features for Beginners


Starting your fishing journey with precise and appropriate types of equipment will give you a quality experience. Here are some conditions and features you should check upon purchasing a surf fishing reel. 

A “spinning” reel is one of the simplest and most widely used types of surf fishing reels. We recommend you start with having a 6000-8000 size reel that can handle at least 500 yards of 25 lbs line. These will be the ideal conditions to capture your catch in a beach setting efficiently. 


In choosing surf fishing rods, make sure you consider the material from where the rod is made. It should be saltwater-friendly and able to cast long distance range. This is important because the presence of consecutive waves may disturb your casting and location’s precision. 

If you are fishing with a real bait, then get at least a 9 feet rod to conquer longer sandbars. On the other hand, if you use artificial lures, then a 7 feet rod may be enough. 

Top 5 Surf Fishing Reels Reviews

Sougayilang Spinning Reels 10000 Series Surf Fishing Reels

This reel can be used in both saltwater and freshwater bodies!

We love how it is capable of catching bigger prey due to its durability. Its graphite-made body and stainless steel shaft made it competent in battling with your catches despite how big and active the fish will be. This reel belonged to the heavier and larger classification but still gives the benefit of compact and sturdiness. 

What most people appreciate about this product is its wide range of drag adjustment features. They have no problem in long-distance casting and still get to experience the smoothness during reeling. Understanding and learning its techniques are also easier due to its straightforwardness.  If you want to catch medium to large fish sizes, you might want to consider this product. 

This surf fishing reel is best recommended on the list for beginners who want to venture into a serious fishing experience. This reel provides the balance for simpler mechanism techniques and a more profound fishing experience that anyone would not want to miss out on. 

Acetop Lightweight Inshore Surf Fishing Reel

There is nothing more satisfying than having a lighter reel that still encompasses durability and good quality! What more could you ask for a product that addresses almost all the in-demand conditions for a surf fishing reel?

This equipment is applicable in both saltwater and freshwater. We love how the gear system is precisely sealed and protected, which minimizes damage in the spool. It also has the instant lock anti-reverse feature that enhances the smoothness experience as you reel.

Many reels present in the market are mostly bulky, which can be burdensome for other people. Most beginners value this reel due to its smoothness during dragging, lightweight, and stability. This reel is designed for you if you are venturing into fishing as a hobby and/or building experience. 

This is the best reel on the list for beginners who value a piece of low-cost equipment that still gives a remarkable review. 

Dr.Fish 8000/9000 Surf Fishing Reel

Are you looking for a heavy-duty fishing reel that also offers a high-caliber sea fishing performance? Then this product is for you!

Its graphite-made body is best suited for saltwater usage. Most experienced anglers admire this type of reel due to its power and toughness. You can experience a  perfect battle while catching a monster fish and even pass through the roughness of seawater. You will be content with its resilience and durability as you dominate these battle types. 

You will also not be concerned about getting your spool flawed since it is designed to be resistant to corrosion. Its bail wire is 50% thicker, and it also provides a reserved spool!

This product might not be appealing to people who fish for the first time because of its price and weight. However, if you would want to broaden your fishing experience, you might want to try out this reel.

You can never sacrifice quality performance in improving your retrieving experience!

Shimano Vanford F Spinning Reel

You might want to seize both luxury and quality experience in fishing. To achieve this, you may acquire a superior and high-end reel that not only boosts your confidence but also enjoy fishing more!

This product is loved because of its advanced version materials, which offer more significant advantages in terms of its lightness and size. Its balance and sensitivity are both enhanced.

Its exceptional gear makes you experience lasting smoothness which you cannot get over with. Any issues concerning the entanglement of fishing lines are eliminated since it is constructed with minimum gaps. 

This reel may not be recommended for beginners and people who fish as their hobby because of its higher price. However, people who value long-lasting and outstanding reel performance might consider this product their favorite. They might find this fishing reel as a product that exceeds their expectations and is totally worth it for its price.

Penn Spinfisher VI Spinning Fishing Reel

Everyone would want a fishing reel that would last a long time and is reliable even in challenging environments!

Beginners and veterans value this product because they do not worry about getting any saltwater inside its gearbox or drag system. The body is made of full metal, lessening the risk of damaging the gears. The spool is located in a highly-secured place; therefore, you can enjoy the wild waves and a variety of frisky fish during your fishing endeavor. 

Many consumers are fond of its drag power. It will keep the water out while the gearing can handle the heavy use of catching fish in strong currents and treacherous surf. Whatever you intend to hook from the beach will be stopped by the drag. 

The reel is also excellent at fighting back against offshore breezes if you’re land fishing. Having no bail is beneficial when you’re in rough surf with offshore winds, rocks, and turbulent waves. Instead of it being aggravating, it makes the moment easygoing.

This equipment offers excellent characteristics of a quality surf fishing reel. They can handle any situation and have proven to be dependable in tough situations. However, if you opt to fish as a hobby, then you might reconsider this product for a lighter, smaller, and cheaper one. 


Anyone can enjoy beach fishing- even if you are considering this activity as leisure or in a much more serious approach. Having the correct surf fishing reel will offer you an exceptional experience. Although there are an existing variety of fishing reels on the market, it is still up to you to decide which of these products suits your fishing approach and intention. 

A full grasp of the fishing reel’s features will save you hundreds of dollars in expenses.

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